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Our Priorities for Manitoba

When Manitoba Liberals say we have a plan, we do.


Unlike other parties, the Manitoba Liberal Party has been making detailed policy announcements for months. Here's a summary of what we've said we will do with links to more details about each of our policy plans.


Simply put, we try to be guided by “the campsite rule” -  when you arrive at a campsite, try to leave it better than you found it. It’s a simple idea with a lot of applications whether it’s reconciliation, jobs, health care, education, or our environment - and a new way forward for Manitoba.

Manitobans deserve a government that understands investing in growth is the way to build a better province for every single Manitoban. A government that believes in planning for the future, rather than 4-year cycles.


We can work smarter, invest in growth, keep people healthy, and save the climate - all while balancing the budget.


Environment - A Green Way Forward

TAKE ACTION ON CLIMATE: The Manitoba Liberal Plan for Green Growth and Renewal will make our province carbon neutral by 2030. This means Manitoba will reverse and absorb as much as it emits in 11 years. The plan will create thousands of good jobs in clean fuels and energy, expanding wilderness and making it easier for people to save money by going green. Read the full plan here:

SAVE LAKE WINNIPEG: Act to save Lake Winnipeg, as well as our rivers and waterways, by helping Winnipeg and other municipalities upgrade sewage treatment infrastructure. Read the full plan here:

GETTING THE LEAD OUT: A Manitoba Liberal government will create a $7 million fund to help pay for remediation of soil and the environment in communities with lead contamination that have been ignored for decades by NDP and PC governments. Read the full plan here:

Health Care - A Healthy Way Forward

REBUILDING OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM: Merge the province’s Regional Health Authorities (RHA) and Shared Health Services back into Manitoba Health. The plan would cut out unnecessary levels of administration and bureaucracy in the health system so that hospitals can make their own decisions on issues like the immediate reopening of ER rooms. Read the full plan here:


EXPAND MENTAL HEALTH CARE: Mental health is health. Cover clinical psychological therapy under Medicare and invest in training mental health professionals in order to provide better mental health care for all Manitobans. Read the full plan here:

END RATIONING OF HIP AND KNEE REPLACEMENTS: Recent figures from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) show Manitoba's wait times for hip and knee replacements are the worst in the country, and have gotten worse under the Pallister PC's. A Manitoba Liberal government will improve wait times for hip and knee surgeries in Manitoba. Read the full plan here:

FIGHT THE METH CRISIS: Manitoba Liberals have had concrete solutions for the meth crisis for more than a year and half including a public awareness campaign, drug stabilization units, expanded treatment, transitional housing and mental health supports. Read the full plan here:

24/7 VIRTUAL ADDICTIONS CLINIC: A Manitoba Liberal Government would move immediately to set up a province-wide 24/7 addictions hotline for individuals to call when they need to get into treatment, so that families and people with addictions can get faster access to addictions treatment. It will also include a website for individuals to log on and chat with a professional. Read the full plan here:

COVER LIFE-SAVING DRUG COSTS: Reinstate the Life-Saving Drugs Program that paid the total costs of drugs necessary for many Manitobans to live. When the government cancelled the program, many Manitobans faced increases in deductibles of hundreds of dollars a month for drugs they need to keep themselves alive. Read the full plan here:


NATIONAL PHARMACARE PROGRAM: Invest in prevention. A Manitoba Liberal Government would fight for a National Pharmacare program and partner with any government that introduces one. Read the full plan here:

BUILD MORE SENIORS' UNITS, IMPROVE HOME CARE PROGRAMS: Complete the promise that Brian Pallister couldn’t — build 1200 affordable seniors’ units and improve home care programs. Manitoba Liberals will also create an Independent Seniors’ Advocate who will report and make recommendations on services to seniors — including transportation, health care, home care, and housing. Read the full plan here:


INVEST IN PREVENTION  – PRIMARY COMMUNITY CARE IN 20 MINUTES OR LESS: Improve access to Community Health Care for all Manitobans by investing in primary care to ensure people can reach primary care health services within 20 minutes. The Liberals’ goal is to ensure that in a first term, 80% of Manitobans can access primary care health services within 20 minutes’ travel time and ensuring 100% of Manitobans can get that level of care within a second term. Read the full plan here:

Public Services - A Responsible Way Forward 

NO PRIVATIZATIONS: A policy of “no privatizations,” in order to protect and preserve public services. Read the full plan here:

INVESTING IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: A Manitoba Liberal government will restore the 50/50 funding agreement and tap into more than $500 million in dedicated federal funding to improve transit systems that the Pallister government has left on the table. Read the full plan here:


Child Care - A Caring Way Forward

AFFORDABLE, QUALITY CHILD CARE FOR ALL MANITOBANS: Many parents face waiting lists for child care so long that they would need to put a name on a waiting list well before their child is born. A Manitoba Liberal government will create 18,000 child care spaces to eliminate the wait list for childcare spaces in Manitoba, and ensure there are more spaces as demand grows. Read the full plan here:

Education - A Smart Way Forward

ZERO BARRIER PLAN FOR POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION: Access to education for all, with zero barriers. Manitoba Liberals will increase funding to the Access Program by $5 million dollars, or 50%, in the first year. This will help ensure every student seeking access to education is able to get it. Read the full plan here:

A FAIR SHOT FOR EVERY STUDENT K-12: Support students and educators in K-12 and ensure that every child in Manitoba is able to read by second grade. Develop a 10-year education plan, start a curriculum review led by educators, create literacy programs, hire more educational assistants. Read the full plan here:

Policing - A Safer Way Forward

MANITOBA POLICE SERVICE: Create a Manitoba Police Service to complement the work of the RCMP and municipal law enforcement. Benefits include greater community safety across Manitoba because of more responsive locally managed policing. Specialized units can target sophisticated criminal activity. Long term placements and community engagement will reduce barriers, develop trust and improve feelings of safety. Read the full plan here:


BUILD SAFER COMMUNITIES: Keep Manitobans safer, prevent crime, and improve community safety by launching “Safe Place” programs so people at risk can find a safe place to go, 24 hours a day, as well as a Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV) to reduce gang violence and help those involved with gangs live a life free from crime. Read the full plan here:

Economy - A Fair & Prosperous Way Forward

PROMOTE NEW BUSINESS INVESTMENT: Create a Manitoba Business Development Bank (MBDB) because many businesses and entrepreneurs in Manitoba have trouble getting access to capital. Manitoba has incredibly talented inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs, and the MBDB is the key to unlocking their full potential. Read the full plan here:

COMPREHENSIVE TAX REVIEW: Create an independent commission to review Manitoba’s tax system, as has been requested by The Winnipeg and The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce. Read the full plan here:

'BUY LOCAL' STRATEGY: When we stay local, shop local, and support local entrepreneurs everywhere across the province, it will make a big impact on our economy in jobs and in growth. A Manitoba Liberal government will boost Manitoba businesses and local economies by running a province-wide 'shop-local' campaign. Read the full plan here:

JOBS AND FAIR INCOME:  All Manitobans deserve to receive a fair, liveable income. And there is no need for anyone to be living in poverty when there is so much work to be done. Manitoba Liberals pledge to increase the minimum wage to $15 in two years, by 2021, and introduce the Manitoba Works Program. Read the full plan here:


SAFE WORKPLACES AND TIMELY LABOUR NEGOTIATIONS GUARANTEE: A Manitoba Liberal Government will increase enforcement of workplace health and safety issues, rescind the PCs Public Services Sustainability Act and wage freeze, and commit to ensuring timely labour negotiations so that workers don’t spend months or years working without a contract. Read the full plan here:

INVEST IN NEGLECTED INFRASTRUCTURE: Working with municipalities, First Nations,

and stakeholders, Manitoba Liberals will create a 10-year strategic infrastructure plan that prioritizes urgent and high-return-on-investment infrastructure projects. A Manitoba Liberal Government will invest on average $1.6-billion per year for ten years. This $16 billion investment would see a return of almost $21 billion to Manitoba during that time frame. Read the full plan here:

CONNECT THE NORTH: Manitoba Liberals will ensure all Northern Manitoba communities have access to High Speed Internet and cell phone coverage within three years. Manitoba Liberals will invest in upgrading Northern infrastructure to create jobs and make life more affordable for Northerners. Read the full plan here:



Arts & Culture - A Creative Way Forward

SUPPORT CREATIVE INDUSTRIES: Artwork is Work. End decades of neglect of Manitoba’s cultural infrastructure and cultural industries. Culture is a huge part of what makes us special as a province and it attracts people – including paying customers – who wouldn’t be here otherwise. Creative industries are one of the province’s top 5 sectors. Read the full plan here:



Immigration - A Welcoming Way Forward

REUNITING FAMILIES: It's time to return Manitoba to the most welcoming province in Canada. Manitoba Liberals will create a "Family Reunification Stream" of the Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), and remove the $500 'head tax' brought in by Pallister's PC's. Read the full plan here:

We'll be making further announcements throughout the campaign, so please return to this page frequently for more information. Last updated: Sun., Sept. 8, 2019 - 10:00 a.m.

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