Manitoba Liberals Announce 24/7 Virtual Addictions Clinic

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

August 27, 2019

WESTON COMMUNITY CENTER – Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont, alongside Donovan Martin candidate for Notre Dame, announced today that a Manitoba Liberal Government would move immediately to create a 24/7 Virtual Addictions Coordination Centre so that families and people with addictions can get faster access to addictions treatment.

Modelled on a successful program in Alberta, the Virtual Opioid Dependency Program, a Manitoba Liberal Government would set up a province-wide 24/7 addictions hotline for individuals to call when they need to get into treatment. It will also include a website for individuals to log on and chat with a professional. The number and site allows for greater privacy and individuals would be able to self-refer for help without going through a physician.

“One of the most critical breakdowns in addictions treatment in Manitoba is that there are so many roadblocks and waiting lists,” said Lamont. “This will be a 24/7 service for every part of Manitoba, so that people can be referred as quickly as possible, and the goal is to get people off the street and into treatment faster.”  

Manitoba Liberals have already committed to adding drug stabilization units, medically supervised detox, expanding the number of addictions treatment beds, and ensuring there is a smooth, seamless transition from rehab to recovery.