Manitoba Liberals Will End Waitlists, Promote Literacy with Early Childhood Education Plan

WINNIPEG – A Manitoba Liberal Government will create 18,000 child care spaces to eliminate the waitlist for childcare spaces in Manitoba and ensure there are more spaces as demand grows, said Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont. 

The PCs have committed to creating one sixth that amount. Under the NDP, the number of children on childcare waiting lists ballooned to about 12,000 in 2016. Under the Pallister Conservatives, the numbers on the waiting lists have exploded to more than 16,000, wages are substandard, and operating grants have been frozen. 

“Many parents face waiting lists for child care so long that they would need to put a name on a waiting list well before their child is born,” said Lamont. “A Manitoba Liberal Government will ensure there are quality and affordable child care spaces across Manitoba, especially for the families who need it most.”

The Manitoba Liberal Plan is designed to be flexible and ensure that spaces are created where they are most needed — whether it is in not-for-profit centres or in schools with K-12. Manitoba Liberals will move Early Childhood Education from under the Department of Families to Education to ensure a continuous educational experience for all Manitoba children. 

The Manitoba Liberal Plan will include a focus on early childhood literacy, including family literacy, to make sure children can read by the time they have finished Grade 2. Liberals have already announced that psychological assessment of children will be covered under medicare to ensure speedy diagnosis and treatment of learning and other disabilities so students can get the supports they need.