Getting the Lead Out: Manitoba Liberals Announce Clean-Up Plan for Communities with Contamination

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont said that a Manitoba Liberal Government will create a $7-million fund to help pay for remediation of soil and the environment in communities with lead contamination that have been ignored for decades by NDP and PC governments. 

A year ago, it emerged that during the St. Boniface by-election when Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont was elected MLA, the PC government had sat on test results that showed elevated levels of lead in some St. Boniface gardens.

The PCs then accused the NDP for not releasing a 2007 report showing elevated levels of lead across Winnipeg, including in Weston, North Point Douglas, and St. Boniface. Each area was a site of industrial activity in which lead was used or being smelted.