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Throne Speech Can’t Make Up for Years of Damage Done under the PCs

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg, MB - Manitoba Liberals say the PCs throne speech is out of touch with the needs of Manitobans and is focused on reacting to issues they themselves created.

"If the PCs wanted to be bold, they could actually take responsibility and apologize for what they've done to hurt our health care system, the people who work in it, and the patients and families who have suffered as a result," said Lamont. "Provincial systems and services are breaking down right now. Having functioning government departments isn't a bold idea. It's basic competence. We need basic steps to protect our people and our health system, and that's not happening."

Manitoba Liberals said there are a series of crises in the province that need to be urgently addressed, starting with health care. Crises also include a housing crisis, a climate crisis, and a cost-of-living crisis, as homelessness and crime are both on the rise in Winnipeg.

The Throne Speech was missing a formal apology for the mistreatment of nurses and treating them as disposable. "We need concrete steps to end forced overtime and make it worthwhile for nurses to come back to the public system from agencies, " Lamont said. There is still no plan to do so.

Liberals said it is clear the PCs are out of touch on cost of living and that they have done everything they can to make pricey public announcements while falling short on Manitobans' basic needs.

"People are running out of money for groceries and rent. Manitobans need the government to crack down on price gouging and play an active role in making sure that people who are being pushed over the edge have supports - seniors, families with children, and people living with a disability," said Lamont.

Manitoba Liberals have been calling for a Seniors' Advocate since 2016. They say a non-partisan voice would be a huge step forward for the many issues that have been ignored for decades under consecutive NDP and PC Governments.

"We need a plan to cover the costs of diabetes, dental work, psychotherapy, and coverage for hearing aids in Manitoba, because prevention keeps people healthy and saves Manitoba money in the long run," said Cindy Lamoureux, Manitoba Liberal MLA for Tyndall Park. "Additionally, we need to better respect our seniors, as no senior in Manitoba should be choosing between whether they can afford a meal or medication."

Finally, Liberals say Manitoba needs a plan that break up gangs by providing people with positive alternatives and opportunities in recreation and jobs. This can be done by creating safe spaces for young people for sports, or video games, or theatre. A voluntary jobs program as an alternative to EIA and making sure that municipalities have the funding they need would be a start.

"Give people the opportunity to make the right choices and they will," said Jon Gerrard, Manitoba Liberal for MLA River Heights. "The opportunity has to be there and under the PCs, it's not."

Children with learning disabilities, ADHD and autism, and children in CFS care need proper supports when they turn 18.

Lamont also said the most important step in reconciliation the Manitoba Government could take would be to commit to returning $338-million that was illegally seized by PC and NDP governments from First Nations children in CFS from 2006-2019.

"Over 11,000 children in Manitoba were taken into custody by CFS, many as newborns, and the PCs and NDP took their federal allowances. The PCs tried to permanently block the children from ever suing, and the courts said it was a violation of their human rights. This is one of the most important issues for First Nations, for these children, and for the future of our province. We need to make amends."


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