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Lamoureux introduces legislation to better protect victims of Intimate Partner Violence

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg, MB –


Cindy Lamoureux, Interim Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party and MLA for Tyndall Park introduced Bill 209 today, the Provincial Court Amendment Act (Expanded Training for Judges and Judicial Justices of the Peace).

Also known as Keira’s Law, this legislation follows in the footsteps of the Government of Canada, and the Government of Ontario who have also enacted legislation to expand education topics and requirements for judges and judicial justices of the peace in the areas of Intimate Partner Violence and coercive control.

“For the past decade, Manitoba has had some of the highest rates of Intimate Partner Violence across Canada. Far too often, children are caught in the midst of violence in the family, and this legislation will better look out for victims and their children.” Lamoureux says.

The bill, which has been coined Keira’s Law, is in memory of Keira Kagan, who tragically passed away as a result of being caught in the midst of Intimate Partner Violence.

Keira’s mother Jennifer Kagan-Viater, has been advocating for enhanced education on IPV and coercive control as a means to support survivors of family violence.

“Keira Kagan said she wanted to change the world, and she will. By providing education to judges on intimate partner violence and coercive control, we will ensure that judges make decisions with safety at the forefront. Lives like Keira’s depend on it.” Kagan-Viater says.

“We are so pleased that Keira’s Law is going to be introduced today,” said Cara McCaskill, Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator for the Brandon Women’s Resource Centre. “This is such an important step towards ensuring the safety of children and families experiencing domestic violence.”

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