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Province Must Immediately Freeze Evictions During Pandemic 

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Liberals are calling on the Pallister Government to put an immediate freeze on evictions for the many Manitobans who are not going to be able to pay rent on April 1.

Dougald Lamont, MLA for St. Boniface and Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party, said the PCs need to follow in the footsteps of the PC Government of Doug Ford in Ontario to make sure no one is evicted because of the pandemic shutdown.

"We are hearing from constituents who are unable to work due to the pandemic, who will not be able to get federal relief until April, and who are not going to be able to make rent a week from now," said Lamont. "This government needs to immediately freeze evictions and come up with a plan to support renters so they can keep a roof over their heads."

Manitoba Liberals have called on the PCs to bring in an Economic Update and to outline a plan to help people and businesses who can't pay their bills because of the pandemic shutdown.

On Thursday, Lamont and the Liberals asked Pallister in Question Period whether the province would consider Mincome, a "job guarantee" or being a "buyer of last resort" of business products and services in order to shore up collapsing incomes and business revenue.

"If the PCs use government to shut down the economy, government has to find ways to help people pay their bills," said Lamont. "A PST cut of 1% in July is not going to help any Manitoban - business or person - who won't be able to make rent in 8 days. We need an eviction freeze and income support needs to start flowing fast."


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