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PCs Ban on 90-day Prescriptions Costing Manitobans Thousands

WINNIPEG - The Manitoba Liberals are calling on the Pallister Government to make immediate changes to the province's ban on 90-day prescriptions after hearing from constituents it could cost them thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Earlier this month, the PCs announced that Manitobans would only be able to get one month's worth of prescriptions. Manitoba Liberals agree with measures to prevent shortages of medication, but the current policy is already backfiring and needs to be updated.

"We've heard from seniors who don't want to pay multiple dispensing fees, and who also can't understand why they should break quarantine to go get their medication in the middle of a pandemic," said Lamont. "More seriously, this plan has muddled pharmacare and people could be facing thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses."

Lamont said he spoke to a constituent whose wife is a transplant recipient and depends on anti-rejection medication to stay alive.

She has ten days of medication left and on April 1, when the new fiscal year begins, she will only be able to access 30 days of medication. The other 60 days, which are usually covered by pharmacare, will have to be covered out of pocket.

The Manitoba pharmacare deductible for the drug is already $9,000 a year, but the new costs will add thousands more.

"Manitoba Liberals are asking the PCs to immediately change this policy to ensure Manitobans do not face colossal out-of-pocket medical expenses at this difficult time," said Lamont.


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