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One Month After Flooding, Western Manitoba Communities Still Waiting on Disaster Assistance

It's been one month after the "1,000 year rainfall" in Westman and the Pallister Government has yet to address the catastrophic flooding that has washed out dozens of roads, destroyed bridges and flooded hundreds of homes.

Manitoba Liberals say the government needs to commit to disaster financial assistance now because people are about to lose their houses.

"This is a disaster and the province must step up and commit its share so these communities can start rebuilding," said Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont, MLA St. Boniface. "The disaster financial assistance (DFA) program exists for a reason, and there is no explaining or justifying why the PCs are dragging their feet."

Manitoba Liberals say municipalities and residents that are already pressed financially due to COVID-19 are having to bear the brunt to rebuild infrastructure and homes without knowing if they will receive compensation from the province.

In Minnedosa, floodwaters filled basements, ruined houses, and businesses were damaged. Dozens of roads were washed away in the nearby RM of Minto-Odanah. In Neepawa, a bridge was knocked loose and the lake, which was constructed 120-years ago, drained when one of its banks failed.

Lamont wrote to provincial Ministers after touring the area in the beginning of July but has yet to hear anything back. The letter called for the province to commit immediately to financial assistance for evacuees, individuals, businesses, and to help municipalities with the cost of replacing roads and bridges.

Manitoba Liberals say the municipalities and the people in these communities need a commitment to help now.

"The PCs boast about what a great job they've done building up the rainy day fund. Western Manitoba just had the rainiest day in a thousand years. This government needs to step up now," said Lamont.


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