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MLP Announces Measures for Improved Services for New Canadians

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg, MB - Dougald Lamont and the Manitoba Liberal Party announced measures today to improve provincial settlement services and reduce financial barriers for new Canadians looking to make a permanent home in Manitoba.

“The beautiful thing about Manitoba is that anybody can be a Manitoban, but under the PCs and NDP alike, we haven’t done enough to make sure we’re providing a proper welcome,” said Dougald Lamont, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party. “Manitoba Liberals are offering a plan to improve immigration, and make sure that when you get here, you can get to work with the skills and training you have – whether you’re a doctor, a nurse, or any other line of work.”

Manitoba Liberals say Manitoba has to do a better job of not only encouraging new Canadians to choose Manitoba, but to stay once they’ve arrived.

The very first act of the Pallister PC government was to create a $500 “head tax” that was supposed to fund settlement services. There is no evidence that has happened.

Manitoba Liberals commit to:

  • Negotiate with the Federal Government for a larger percentage of new Canadians immigrating to Manitoba through the provincial nominee program;

  • Negotiate an enhanced family reunification stream for the Provincial Nominee Program and reduce the application fee from $500 to $50;

  • Increase francophone immigration targets to further strengthen Manitoba as home of the largest French-speaking community in Western Canada;

  • Expand financial support and skills upgrading for internationally educated Canadians to meet credential and regulatory standards

  • Ensure International Students, who are the largest group of immigrants who plan to settle in Manitoba, are covered by Manitoba Health.

“As someone who came to Canada as a sponsor through the family reunification stream, I recognize the importance of enhancing the family reunification to continue growing our province and economy,” said Garry Alejo, Manitoba Liberal Candidate for Burrows.

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