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Manitoba Liberals Vow to Create Accountable Government

September 8, 2019

Winnipeg – Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont released the fully costed Liberal Platform this morning outside the Manitoba Legislature.

“Hundreds of thousands of Manitobans are going to the polls Tuesday with doubt in their hearts. They can’t trust who they’re voting for is going to fix anything,” said Lamont. “The Manitoba Liberal Party is here to show them we can work smarter, invest in growth, keep people healthy, and save the climate - all while balancing the budget.”

Manitobans deserve a government that understands investing in growth is the way to build a better province for every single Manitoban. A government that believes in planning for the future, rather than 4-year cycles.

Manitoba Liberals would begin investments immediately, with $1.4 billion invested in the first year to repair services that have been left neglected for decades. While some returns on these investments will take time to be implemented, returns will surpass expenditures in 3 - 4 years.

“Everything we’ve put forward this election are ideas we have aggressively pursued in the legislature everyday. We’ve shown Pallister the evidence that his austerity is causing a recession,” said Lamont. “Now we’ve shown Manitobans that our math checks out too.”

Good government is about much more than just simply managing the finances. Governments work for every single person in the province - not just to protect the interests of those at the top. Manitobans have repeatedly been let down by politicians who make promises and can’t keep them. There are ways to hold governments accountable outside the 4-year election cycle. Ensuring our independent offices have both the legislative and monetary tools to prevent wrong doing is how we ensure that no matter who is in government, they cannot bend the rules in their favor.

Manitoba Liberals have fought for an independent ethics commissioner to investigate conflicts of interest and investigate incidents of wrong-doing by politicians.

“We can’t continue to allow politicians to mark their own homework,” said Lamont. “If we empower our independent offices, Manitobans can rest easy.”


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