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Manitoba Liberal Virtual AGM Tomorrow: Building a Stronger Manitoba 

Delegates to debate Policies Protecting Seniors, Pandemic Recovery, MPI and Brokers and More 

Treaty 1 Territory, Winnipeg, MB - The Manitoba Liberal Party is holding its Annual General Meeting this weekend as a one-day virtual session. The AGM had originally been scheduled to take place in the spring. 

The theme of the AGM is “Building a Strong Manitoba” and includes policy resolutions focus on pandemic support and recovery, as well as addressing long-standing issues that have been left to fester under the PCs and NDP alike. 

“Manitoba Liberals’ vision is to build a stronger, more self-reliant Manitoba, where no one is left behind,” said Dougald Lamont, Manitoba Liberal Leader and MLA for St. Boniface. “The PCs and the NDP like the status quo because they created it. Manitoba Liberals are the only party that wants real change for everyone - especially all the people who the PCs and NDP have ignored.”  Among the policies being debated this weekend at the Manitoba Liberal AGM: 

Creating a Manitoba Seniors’ Bill of Rights, guaranteeing independence and dignity, as well as creating a Manitoba Seniors’ Advocate to research, investigate and defend the interests of seniors and families.

Emergency Pandemic Support for Manitoba Families and Businesses:

  • A program to support Manitoba businesses through lockdowns: buying up vouchers - for hotels and restaurants, for example - for public use or re-sale later 

  • Creating a Debt Restructuring Board to help Families, Individuals and Farmers

  • Rebuilding: Creating a $100-million fund to provide equity to Manitoba businesses to start or expand and scale up, especially in small communities ]

Protecting Manitobans from the Mistakes of the PCs and NDP by committing to: 

  • Protecting Manitoba’s Insurance brokers from being steamrolled by MPI

  • Equity in funding for rural and northern services: education, health and infrastructure are the foundation that communities depend on. 

  • Building a Restorative Justice and Healing Centre in Dauphin after the NDP and PCs failed the Parkland community 

  • Reversing the PC Government’s disastrous Crown Lands Auctions that have been devastating to ranchers across Manitoba 

There are also a number of justice measures:

  • Ban on Government Advertising on internet platforms with hate speech

  • Supporting Police Reforms to strengthen civilian oversight  

  • Supporting the Creation of a Manitoba Child Abuse Response Centre

“Throughout our history, Manitoba Liberals have a proven track record of delivering on cutting-edge, progressive policy and legislation that has moved Manitoba forward,” said Lamont. “We are here to prove that change for the better is possible. For Manitobans who want to make change happen, we are here for you.” 

The full list of AGM policy resolutions is here: 


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