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Manitoba Liberal Statement on Indigenous Peoples' Day

On behalf of the Manitoba Liberal Party, we want to extend our heartfelt condolences and gratitude towards the Indigenous People of Manitoba and Canada.

We join you in mourning the children and all those who lost their lives as a consequence of the Residential Schools.

Many things must change for reconciliation to become a reality and for healing to be possible.

Manitoba Liberals are committed to recognizing the truth of our history and to reconciliation, which must mean changing our relationship for the better by making amends for it.

We are all treaty people. For First Nations especially, this has meant more than a century of policies of forced poverty and paternalism.

There are First Nations in Manitoba still waiting for land promised to them in treaties signed 150 years ago. We are committed to fulfilling that promise.

As recently as ten years ago, Manitoba was taking more children from families than any other jurisdiction in the world. We must strive to keep families and communities together and whole.

It has been a hard year of terrible losses and terrible discoveries. Despite this sorrow, we can still celebrate the joys of life, which offers new possibilities for healing and for growth.

Meegwetch. Ekosi. Marsi. Merci. Thank you.

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