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Manitoba Liberal Party pleased to see Sio Silica project nixed

Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg, MB -

Cindy Lamoureux, Interim Leader for the Manitoba Liberal Party and MLA for Tyndall Park is pleased that the Sio Silica project has not been approved.

“It is good to see that health and environmental concerns were prioritized in this decision.” Lamoureux says. “The Manitoba Liberal Party was the first to bring this issue forward, and I’m happy that public pressure over many months guided this decision” Lamoureux says.

In September 2020, the MLP sounded the alarm after uncovering that the CEO of CanWhite Sands pushing to open the sand mine east of Winnipeg was part of another company which was ordered to cease trading by the Alberta Securities Commission in 2019.

Former River Heights MLA Jon Gerrard along with Our Line in the Sand President Tangi Bell spoke out against the project, raising concerns about drinking water contamination for thousands of people living in Eastern Manitoba as a result of the project.

“Our team brought forward a strong campaign against this issue from the very start, which included many questions during Question Period, and helped uplift the voices of many Manitobans concerned about their health and environmental impacts of this project. It is good to see the provincial government listen to their concerns.” Lamoureux says.

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