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Making Things Right: Manitoba Liberals Release Mini-Platform Before Fort Whyte By-Election

Treaty 1 – Homeland of the Red River Métis – Winnipeg

Manitoba Liberals are releasing a “mini-platform” in the lead-up Fort Whyte By-Election to reflect the issues they are hearing Manitobans want put front and centre in the Manitoba Legislature.

The platform is available electronically as a free pdf and/or e-book.

Willard Reaves, a Grey Cup Champion who spent his career after professional sports as a Manitoba Sheriff, is running for the Manitoba Liberals. He says that he’s offering something the other candidates can’t – real change for the better.

“Whether it was on the field during a Grey Cup, or as a Sheriff in a court, I have always taken my responsibility seriously, and I give it everything I’ve got. That’s what I’ve done in this campaign and it’s what we’ll do in the legislature,” Willard Reaves, Manitoba Liberal Candidate in Fort Whyte.

“There are a lot of people in Manitoba who need their voices heard – and we’re here to listen, stand up, and speak up for them when others won’t.”

Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont said the people of Fort Whyte have an opportunity to send a message that the Stefanson PCs don’t deserve their vote.

“The PCs are more interested in changing the channel than actually changing course,” said Lamont. “We all know there are big challenges ahead – and that makes for a lifetime of opportunity to make things right. As communities, and as a province, we can be more self-reliant, rebuilding and reinforcing systems that failed on the PC’s watch during the pandemic,” said Lamont.

The “mini-platform,” Giving a Strong Voice to All Manitobans, emphasizes Manitoba Liberals practical approach to change – tackling issues that the PCs and NDP alike have ignored, with the goal of making our province more self-reliant.

- Fix Health Care: Reduce health care wait lists by supporting nurses demands for life-work balance; lifting the cap on surgeries like hip, knees and cataracts, and demanding investments in prevention to keep people healthy, like insulin pumps and supplies to manage diabetes.

- Be more welcoming to new Canadians and Manitobans by ensuring that their education and credentials are recognized so they can get to work earning more

- Stronger, Fairer Business Supports especially for Manitoba-owned businesses to build and grow after the pandemic. We need business supports that are fair and based on need, not who you know.

- Quality and Inclusion in Education: Ensure that the students who are being left behind in our K-12 system have the tools and resources to succeed, and that our universities and colleges have the resources they need to innovate and graduate students to the peak of their abilities

- Making Seniors a Priority: Push for the Creation of an Independent Seniors Advocate and make it easier for seniors to maintain their independence through independent housing.

- Commit to Reconciliation, starting with the return of $338-million taken from First Nations Children in the custody of CFS by NDP and PCs Governments, as well as working in partnership on resource agreements and returning land that is owed.

- Uphold the rule of law, strengthen conflict of interest rules for politicians, and push for an inquiry in to the bribery and contracts around the Winnipeg Police HQ.

- Harness Manitoba’s potential as a world leader in fighting climate change with a “Carbon Payment Plan” - funding projects that improve reductions and storage of greenhouse gases – planting trees, wilderness, efficiency projects. We want to make Manitoba Carbon neutral within a decade and carbon negative after that.

“I am running for the Manitoba Liberals because the PCs have made such a mess of the health care system – which was already bad under the NDP,” said Reaves. “All I can say is that if you give me the opportunity, I will not let you down.”

“Willlard Reaves understands the wants and needs of the residents in Fort Whyte as a resident, and because he has done the work that no other candidate has,” said Lamont. “A vote for Reaves in Fort Whyte is a vote for accountability and a stronger democracy in Manitoba, that you won’t get from anyone else.”


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