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Lloyd Axworthy Endorses Manitoba Liberal Platform

Statement by the Hon. Lloyd Axworthy, PC, CC, OM, PhD

As Manitobans head to the polls this Tuesday, they will be weighing a serious choice on the direction of our province as outlined in the ideas and proposals put forward by all the parties.

In making that decision, I ask you to pay special attention to the platform of the Manitoba Liberal Party. It’s a bold blueprint crafted to meet the demanding issues of our day. The Liberal leader Dougald Lamont and his team of vigorous candidates are committed to progressive action that can replace the tired two-party warfare that has plagued this province for too long.

It’s a platform that takes a balanced approach. It commits to serious investments in education, health care, infrastructure and the environment - while also growing the private sector.

On the issue of the environment, Manitoba Liberals were the first to commit to meaningful, immediate action on Lake Winnipeg before one of the world’s largest and most productive body of fresh water reaches a tipping point towards ecocide.

On the issue of climate change - the defining issue of our age - it weds the most ambitious plan of all the parties to make Manitoba carbon neutral by 2030 to practical, achievable steps that will grow the economy.

The Manitoba Liberals have also made it clear that their plan is achievable and that it applies to all Manitobans, whether they live in Winnipeg, rural or northern Manitoba. And they make the practice of reconciliation a priority of a new legislature. Many people are frustrated and disappointed with the current state of politics. 

We cannot afford to be cynical. We cannot afford to sit out the game, or be divided. At a time when democracy and its institutions are being challenged and eroded around the world, this is an opportunity for renewal and engagement.

The Manitoba Liberal Party have shown they are credible, serious, and deserve your support in the Manitoba election on September 10. 


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