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Liberals: Phase Two Lacks Plan and Vision for Concordia & Seven Oaks

The Manitoba Liberal Caucus is deeply concerned with the lack of details and vision for the future of Concordia and Seven Oaks Hospital under the Pallister government's plan to heal our health care system.

"The Pallister government continues to focus on negatives like closing ERs and Surgical Services rather than building consolidated and advanced services at Seven Oaks and Concordia. This is most unfortunate," said Manitoba Liberal Party Health Critic, Jon Gerrard. 

The communities that use the services at Concordia and Seven Oaks deserve to have a better understanding of what their hospitals will become. If the PCs are determined to close Concordia's ER, they should at least open an Urgent Care Centre for the community, said Gerrard.

Manitobans have known for months now that Emergency Rooms at both hospitals will be closed. What we don't know is what their specialized and focused areas of care will be. 

"Will Concordia continue to be the Centre for Hip and Knee replacement surgery?  If this is the case, what will be done when surgical emergencies arise and there are no emergency staff onsite to help with the situation," said Gerrard. 

Seven Oaks Hospital was widely known for its expertise in Orthopedics Trauma Surgery.  Where is this going? What will be the focus of expertise moving forward? And what services will be consolidated at Seven Oaks Hospital is also not clear, said Gerrard.

The Pallister government has clearly not learnt a lesson from Phase 1's fiasco. The PCs must immediately halt their reckless cuts to Manitoba's health care system.

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