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Former Police Chief Devon Clunis Endorses Liberal Candidate Donovan Martin

September 3, 2019

Winnipeg – Manitoba Liberal candidate for Notre Dame Donovan Martin said we must have more community spaces and programming to help children make good choices and avoid being on the streets. 

“Communities know what they need to reduce crime in their own neighborhoods. They have the best understanding of the local issues and how their neighbors are feeling,” said Martin.  We need to reinvest in safe community spaces for young people and youth and that's what I will work for as your MLA. 

Former Winnipeg Police Chief Devon Clunis first met Martin when Clunis served as a mentor to students at a Winnipeg high school almost two decades ago. Martin impressed him with his work ethic and concern for youth even then. Clunis has continued to follow Martin and his political pursuits and believes the Manitoba Liberal candidate for Notre Dame understands the importance of community programming and their direct link to reducing crime in his community.

“These organizations are crucial in bringing communities together and are vitally needed in our inner city,” said Clunis. “Having known Donovan all these years and his passion and concern for youth, I know he understands the challenges faced by disadvantaged communities and will work to advanced social equity as an MLA."

Manitoba Liberals understand the importance of why community groups and programming are so crucial to the communities they serve. Liberals say we must ensure the needs of communities are being met and that children have a place to go. Martin said we must improve coordination and partnerships with communities, as outlined in our release earlier today. 


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