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Call in the Army: MB Liberals Back Doctors' Call for Ramp up to deal with Fourth Wave

Treaty 1 Territory, Métis Homeland, Winnipeg, MB - Manitoba Liberals are backing the call by doctors to do much more to keep Manitobans safe in the face of a fourth wave and the Omicron variant.

The letter "all reason and accountability has been abandoned by those in authority" makes it clear that Manitoba's Intensive Care Units are already hitting their limits because the province's health care system doesn't have the people and resources it did just six months ago in the third wave.

Manitoba Liberal Leader and MLA for St. Boniface Dougald Lamont said it is clear more needs to be done.

"We need free rapid tests, more vaccinations in long-term care, solid enforcement of public health orders, and if it takes the military to expand our surgical capacity, that is what needs to happen," said Lamont. "We all have a role to play in fighting this pandemic and there are people who aren't pulling their weight, including the people in charge."

Manitoba Liberal MLAs are calling for:

- Free Rapid Covid tests to be made readily available through Pharmacies, Libraries, Liquor Marts, malls, and other readily accessible community locations

- Making vaccines mandatory for workers in long-term care

- Enhancing vaccination requirements for children

- Requiring businesses and organizations to disclose their vaccination policy for staff and customers so that clients can make informed decisions.

- New restrictions around gatherings at Christmas, especially given the highly infectious Omicron variant

- A messaging campaign to directly challenge misinformation around vaccines and public health orders

- Approve MABS to reduce symptoms for unvaccinated individuals who fall will with Covid (Monoclonal antibodies)

"The new Omicron variant of Covid-19 is extremely contagious, and even if it is serious only in a small percentage of cases, when tens of thousands of people catch it, that is still enough to fill our hospitals to overflowing," said Dr. Jon Gerrard, MLA for River Heights and Manitoba Liberal Health Critic. "We cannot wait for a report from a Task Force when we need action right now."


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