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As Manitobans Sound Alarm, Pallister Hits Snooze

November 19, 2019

Winnipeg - Manitoba Liberal Leader and MLA for St. Boniface, Dougald Lamont, says this year's Throne Speech from the Pallister Government is all about doing less or doing nothing, even as a series of emergencies unfold across the province.

In the last three years, property crime is up by 70% and violent crime is increasing. The Winnipeg Chief of Police has said police are so overworked they can't respond to break-ins. Multiple municipalities have declared states of emergency due to extreme weather events.

These issues are all being ignored as the PCs are pursuing a race to the bottom on wages and a string of policies that are "Robin Hood in Reverse."

"On a whole series of objective measures, this government is making life harder for Manitobans and this Throne Speech doubles down on that," said Lamont. "There is no shared sacrifice in this Throne Speech - it is cuts and freezes for most Manitobans and benefits those at the top."

Lamont said despite years of having some of the deepest poverty in Canada and the highest levels of crime and incarceration, the Manitoba Government does not have a credible plan that will actually make a dent in poverty or crime.

Among the critical issues that went unmentioned were children in care, poverty, cleaning up Lake Winnipeg, and affordable medication for seniors.

Manitoba Liberals said the government must first focus on prevention and keeping Manitoba children safe


Lamont said the PCs math is seriously off - to the point of being misleading. The economic projections of benefits are wildly unrealistic.

"The growth estimates from reducing red tape are overblown, while the promises of big tax benefits are incredibly deceptive," said Lamont. "The fact is a small number of people, like Pallister himself, will see huge tax cuts while most Manitobans won't see anything like what this government is promising."


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