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Community Places Program, Cancer Treatment Coverage, Green Growth & Renewal

The Community Places Program ran for over 30 years and it provided provincial capital funding for projects all over the province. It spends about $3.5-million a year, based on need and merit.  We were tipped off that there was something wrong, and that there had been political interference in the choice of projects.  We found that 85% of all the projects went to PC ridings. While more than half of all the people in Manitoba live in Winnipeg, only 20% of the projects went to Winnipeg, and 80% went to constituencies outside the city.  In fact, five PC constituencies alone - Gimli, Interlake, La Verendrye and Lac Du Bonnet and Interlake - received more in grants than all 30 constituencies in the City of Winnipeg combined.  When we looked at how much money was spent per constituency, it was even more clear. The average spending per Liberal constituency was $16,949. The average spending per NDP constituency was $33,576. The average spending per PC constituency was $79,829.42.  At a time this government is cutting health care, cutting education, cutting support for medications, they are going out of their way to punish people for voting for their opponents while rewarding their own.  I’ve said it often: there are good people in every party, and while I don’t want people in other parties to win the next election, I want them all to succeed. We need to govern for everyone in a way that is fair. The PCs won’t, and that’s why they have to go.   CBC MANITOBA: 84.5% of grants in community development fund went to PC ridings: Liberal leader


CANCER TREATMENT COVERAGE This week, Manitoba Liberals called on the province to immediately cover the cost of Fulvestrant, a costly cancer treatment drug that some Manitobans are being forced to pay for out of their own pocket. The life-preserving drug is on the list of medications waiting for approval from the province, but there is no deadline in sight of when it will be approved. Manitobans shouldn't be going broke to pay for their treatment. The province should be stepping up to support Manitobans who require this cancer treatment by fast-tracking approval of the drug. Jennette Heinrichs is one of those Manitobans struggling to pay for the costly cancer treatment. She recently shared her concerns with the Manitoba Liberal Caucus. The 42-year-old has Stage-4 breast cancer. She began treatment three months ago and she's already had to spend her entire savings on the life-preserving drug. After being put on long-term disability by her workplace, Jennette doesn’t have the ability to take extra shifts or get a second job to pay for her cancer treatment. She has described the situation as extremely stressful, taking a toll on Jennette and her family. The Pallister Government has the power to fast-track approval of this life-preserving cancer treatment and it must do so immediately. WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Manitoba Liberals push for coverage of high-cost cancer drug CBC Manitoba: Breast cancer patient paying $1K a month for vital drug asks Manitoba for help WINNIPEG SUN: Paying for meds drains cancer patient's savings; Liberals lobby Manitoba to fast track drug coverage


MANITOBA LIBERAL GREEN PLAN FOR GROWTH & RENEWAL In Manitoba, it is estimated that up to 40% of our waste is organic waste and consists mainly of yard, food, and wood waste. There are many individuals and organizations that are doing great work to reduce organic waste in Manitoba, however, there is much more to do.  The Manitoba Liberal Plan for Green Growth and Renewal will make it easier for Manitobans to compost. Click here to find out how we can achieve this.


HAPPY PRIDE PORTAGE I was happy to be in Portage La Prairie on Saturday to kick off pride season in Manitoba.   PORTAGE ONLINE: Pride Parade Draws Over 400


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