A Green Way Forward For Manitobans

A Manitoba Liberal Government Will:
  • Make Manitoba carbon-neutral by 2030
  • Implement measures to increase urban forestry and wetlands to better capture and store carbon
  • Create good new jobs in the clean energy sector, conservation, and reforestation
  • Develop our green infrastructure. Increase number of charging stations and provide better incentives for zero-emission vehicles
  • Clean up algae blooms in Lake Winnipeg
Our Governing Principle: Leave Things Better Than We Found Them - The Campsite Rule

There's something that's known as the campsite rule. When you arrive at a campsite, try to leave it better than you found it. It's a pretty simple idea with a lot of applications.

The campsite rule applies to everything and everyone, whether it's reconciliation, jobs, health care, education, or our environment.

When it comes to the environment, we all know we have to do a lot more.

Four years ago, I met an Elder named Frank Tacan Sr. at the Friendship Centre in Brandon. He said when it comes to the earth, we can't just keep taking all the time. We have to give back, We have to give Nature the space and the time to renew and regenerate. That is what our plan does.

All Manitobans depend on natural resources and on nature. Farmers do not benefit from exhausted soil, nor fishers from over-fished lakes. We do not benefit from thinning forests or animals pushed to the brink of extinction.

We do not benefit from waste - from wasting fuel, from wasting water, or from wasting land. Human activity has been affecting climate for the worse. We can and must choose to affect it for the better.

We we face such threats to humanity and to our own children, we have a moral obligation to act.

We have already seen decades of inaction, delays, and outright obstruction from politicians who put their own political fortunes ahead of the public good.

For Manitoba, this is an opportunity to lead, to grow, and to turn Manitoba's strengths to our advantage for the benefit of every community in our province.

Dougald Lamont,

MLA for St. Boniface &

Leader, Manitoba Liberal Party