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What We Stand For

The Manitoba Liberal Party takes pride in this bedrock principle: we govern and work for everyone.

No matter where you live, or what your story is, if you are a Manitoban - we will work for you.

We stand for your right to dignity, justice, independence, and to a democratic say in your own community.

We stand with you.

We Stand for Justice: Doing Things Right


When Manitoba Liberals act, we ask ourselves, “Does this move Manitoba towards justice? With this decision, are we leaving a better Manitoba to our children and our future?”

Manitoba Liberals are committed to true reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, recognizing that we have a responsibility to address the wrongs of the past by making things right today and into the future.

No one is above the law and everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Justice is about ensuring that the law is enforced and enforced fairly, for everyone.

People who speak up against injustices must be heard and sheltered from retribution. It’s why we support the creation of an Independent Ethics Commissioner with powers of investigation and sanction, who would also offer protection for whistleblowers.

Justice is about more than punishment. Justice is about the pursuit of the truth and holding people to account.

Justice must also be about making things right and rewarding people for doing the right thing.

We Stand for Progress: Moving Manitoba Forward

Manitobans have made incredible contributions to making Canada and the world a better place. In everything from the arts, medicine, science and research, to business, politics and spiritual leadership.


At a time when democracy, economic security, and the environment are all under threat, Manitoba Liberals believe that we have an opportunity to demonstrate to the world what freedom and democracy can achieve to make the world a better place.

We will work in partnership with Indigenous Peoples. We recognize the debt we must reconcile for healing to begin.

We will not tolerate forcing Manitobans to wait in pain for medical procedures. We will hire public sector nurses and rebuild our health care system with investments in our universities and colleges to train, attract, and retain people who work in health care.

A Manitoba Liberal Government will give more decision-making power and autonomy to community hospitals and medical clinics, allowing them to innovate and reverse any of the PC reforms they feel appropriate. Manitoba must focus on the best outcomes for patients.

Our public education system is great for 80% of students in K-12 students. For the 20% who are struggling; they are not failing, we are failing them. We will ensure that we focus more resources to support students and their families so every child can be the best at who they are.

We know that there are too many children living in poverty in Manitoba. We will reform Employment Income Assistance (EIA) and make it our goal as a government to lift people out of poverty with education, jobs, and support.

Instead of running a health care system that lurches from crisis to crisis, we will focus on stabilizing the system and keeping people healthy with a major focus on prevention focusing on catching illnesses and disabilities early and acting quickly to put people on a path to healing.

Systems in crisis cost us all while failing too many in need. By providing permanent solutions to chronic issues facing too many Manitobans, we will ensure greater prosperity and stability with innovative investments in

  • affordable housing,

  • health care,

  • mental health care,

  • access to healthy food,

  • rapid access to treatments for addictions and

  • to life-saving medications and devices.

These are not luxuries, they help prevent the costly breakdowns that are hurting Manitobans and costing Manitobans – in heartbreak as well as finances.

We Stand for Democracy: Your Choice for Change 

Being a Manitoba Liberal means believing in the politics of conviction.

We do what we do, and we take the stands we take, not because it is easy, but because it is the right thing to do.

We know that if it weren’t for Manitoba Liberals, some people and communities in Manitoba would have no voice at all.

We will listen and learn from people on the frontline, and work to deliver practical solutions that work - not just ones that are politically convenient.

Manitoba Liberals are proud of our independence as MLAs and as a party. We support other parties’ ideas based on merit.

We will strengthen democracy by making government more effective, less partisan, fairer, more responsive, and less divisive. Whether it’s business or labour, rural, urban or northern, left-wing, right-wing or green, we want what is best for everyone because at the end of the day we are all Manitobans.

We will build and strengthen our economy by taking partisanship and politics out of business development in Manitoba. We will ensure that Manitoba-owned businesses have access to capital to ensure they can build and grow no matter where they live or whom they voted for. We’ll do the same for public investments in infrastructure and more.

A Manitoba Liberal Government will work with other parties, allowing for more all-party committees on a variety of important issues.


We Stand for the Environment and Climate Change

The future of Manitoba and of our planet depends on our actions to provide stewardship of our environment and to reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

Manitoba Liberals put forward the best plan of all parties to address climate change in the 2019 election and we will do so again in 2023.

Manitoba Liberals will ensure that there are charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Manitoba. We will bring in measures to help move Manitoba toward net zero emission buildings, and work with farmers to reduce nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide produced during agricultural production.

Environmental stewardship which supports biodiversity does not just happen. We will lay out plans for the stewardship of ecological corridors in Manitoba.

Manitoba Liberals Stand for All Manitobans

Manitoba Liberals believe in an honest accounting of public finances. Provincial stability and security matter. We want to see balanced budgets in our province, and we also want to see balanced decision-making.

We will help build strong Manitoba businesses with secure, good-paying jobs.

We will ensure that families, seniors and communities can count on quality public services when they need them.

We are committed to reviewing Manitoba’s tax system to ensure that how we pay for the services and public investments that sustain our communities is fair, effective and transparent.

We can’t just cut our way out of debt. We have to work our way out of it. There is lots of work to be done in our province, and enormous opportunities to be unlocked.

We know where we want to take our province, and we have a plan to get there together.

You can’t trust the people who broke the system to fix it. In 2023, Dougald Lamont and the Manitoba Liberals are the only real choice for change.

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