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MLP 2023 Election Platform Cover Art


Dear Fellow Manitoban:


I love our province of Manitoba. We have so much potential and so much talent.

Yet too many of our neighbours have been left to struggle. Services Manitobans rely on, like our health care system, are in crisis. Crime, the cost of living, and homelessness are increasing across the province and our environment - land, water, air - all need care and protection.

Being in government means working every day to make the future better.

While Manitobans look to government for leadership, for decades, Manitobans have been let down by successive NDP and Progressive Conservative governments who have passed the buck and kicked the can down the road.

Manitoba Liberals know that the upcoming election will be extremely important to the pocketbooks and health of all citizens. That is why we are asking all Manitobans, when it comes time to cast your vote, to make a real choice for real change in this province.

We know this platform will work - because the ideas are ones gleaned from experts and people at the front lines. Practical solutions to tackle the biggest problems of our time.


It’s fiscally and socially responsible. That’s what Manitoba Liberals stand for.

And we have assembled an extraordinary team of candidates who can deliver on this plan.

Manitoba Liberals have developed a plan to:

  • Take our system from health crisis back to health care;

  • Provide genuine relief for the cost of living for you and your loved ones;

  • Deliver safer streets through investments in prevention and tough new anti-gang measures;

  • Invest in education that prepares Manitoba for the future;

  • Act on climate change with a bold new plan;

  • Treat Indigenous people equitably with full rights under the law;

  • Restore accountability in government.


For too long, Manitobans have placed their trust in an NDP or a PC Government. It has never been more clear that neither of those two choices have made Manitoba stronger, healthier, or safer.

The time has come for Manitobans to put their trust in real leadership in candidates that have proven track records of delivering in their communities, and in a plan that presents solutions founded in real world experience. Now is the time for Manitobans to elect a Manitoba Liberal Government.

We are the only party offering a real choice for real change.

Please download the attached pdf document to review our full platform. Thank you!

Dougald Lamont

Leader, Manitoba Liberal Party

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