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Shandi Strong

as your MLA for
Fort Garry

Real change
for Manitoba

Real Change
for Fort Garry

Shandi Strong has been giving back to her community for over 30 years. As a transgender rights activist, author, public speaker, and aspiring politician, Shandi’s dedication knows no bounds. She has been a resilient inspiration to her community in Winnipeg and beyond, known for organizing and contributing to some of the community’s biggest events and programs.
When Shandi came out as transgender and began her transition, she almost lost everything. She was left to rebuild her life without immediate support. Through her endless perseverance, Shandi persevered these difficult times and was able to channel her own life experiences into helping others navigate trying times. She knows firsthand the struggles of many Manitobans faced with low income, poverty, mental health and healthcare struggles, and works daily with compassion to assist them in her seven years as constituency assistant for Dr. Jon Gerrard, MLA for River Heights.
Over the years, Shandi has cemented her role as a leader in the 2SLGBTQ+ community, whether as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters Winnipeg or as the first Transgender Parade Marshall for Pride. She was the first openly transgender person in Western Canada to run for provincial office in 2016. She has also served as vice president of Manitobans for Human Rights and sits on the board of directors of Our Own Health Centre.
Shandi has become a powerhouse role model within her community, carving out a rich legacy built on love, selflessness, human rights, and acceptance. Shandi is committed to fostering relationships with people and rolling up her sleeves to get the work done for Manitobans. 
Shandi’s daughter works in the health care system and sees firsthand the negative impacts of the government cuts over the last seven years. Shandi has provided regular advocacy for seniors both before and during the pandemic, and helps care for her aged mother-in-law.  Shandi knows many students and teachers whose education and jobs have been negatively affected by cuts and threats to the education system.

Shandi is: 

•    Committed to repairing the damage done to the healthcare system, with immediate action to hire and retain doctors, nurses, technicians, health care aids, and staff to reduce wait times, improve compassionate care, and fully recover from the years of cuts, closures, and mismanagement;

•    Committed to ensuring that seniors’ rights are respected and that they are able stay in their homes longer;

•    Committed to strengthening and rejuvenating the education system so teachers have the resources to do their jobs so universities have the ability to find and retain professors, and so that healthcare funding for international students is restored;

•    Committed to having mental health services covered by provincial healthcare and increasing the number of psychologists and psychiatrists to meet the per capita standards that exist in all other provinces;

•    Committed to working with all levels of government to end homelessness and provide care and support for those who live unsheltered. 
Shandi and her fiancée, a teacher, live in Wildwood Park with their two cats. She enjoys playing guitar, golfing, curling, movies, and spending time with her daughter. 

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