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as your MLA for
Southdale &

Windsor Park

Real change
for Manitoba


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Real Change
for Southdale

Robert-Falcon Ouellette is a hard working and dedicated community organizer and educator. A veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces for 27 years where he served as a company commander in the 5th Field Ambulance. He is currently a Warrant Officer with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles.

He currently volunteers on three Boards in Winnipeg including the Salvation Army, Equal Housing Initiative and Life’s Journey which helps adults with FASD.

Robert has a PhD and two Masters’ degrees from Laval University in Quebec City, he was the 2nd Indigenous person to graduate from Laval in 350 years with a PhD.

He is a former Member of Parliament where, incredibly, he obtained unanimous consent to change the Standing Orders of the House of Commons. As an MP he helped lead change in Child and Family Services and health laws in Canada and he helped produce numerous Finance Committee Budget Reports.


Presently he works as a professor at university. Robert speaks four languages and most importantly, he enjoys spending time running, politics, and canoeing with his family, all while playing their musical instruments.

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