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Week in Review: Undoing the PCs damage

I am proud to announce that Manitoba Liberals would reinstate and expand the Life-Saving Drugs Program that was scrapped last year by the Pallister Government. In April, 2018, the PCs cancelled the “Special Drugs Program” — previously known as the “Life-Saving Drugs Program” which paid the total costs of necessary drugs for many Manitobans, including insulin and cystic fibrosis. As a result, many Manitobans faced increases in deductibles of hundreds of dollars a month and thousands of dollars a year for drugs they need to keep themselves alive. No Manitoban should have to choose between life-saving drugs and being able to pay their bills, rent, or being forced into bankruptcy. A new and expanded Life-Saving Drugs Program means that all Manitobans will be able to afford life-saving medications. Making life-saving drugs free of charge is equal to eliminating the deductible currently paid on those drugs, which varies according to income. Reinstating CPAP machines will cost $5-million, reducing the costs of diabetes test strips will be $1.8-million. Removing the current age restrictions would, according to pump manufacturer Medtronic, cost the province an estimated $2.4 million. These investments will pay off by reducing health care costs elsewhere. HIV medication can prevent further cases, CPAP machines can prevent cardiac arrest and better control of diabetes can prevent heart attacks, strokes, blindness and amputations. The Manitoba Liberal plan is to help Manitobans get well and stay well, which will reduce health costs in the long run. We spend hundreds of millions on the complications of diabetes. If we can prevent those complications, we make Manitobans lives better and reduce overall costs at the same time. WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Liberals would restore slashed drug-coverage programs: Lamont WINNIPEG SUN: Liberals promise to restore, expand special drugs program


MANITOBA LIBERALS CALL FOR INVESTIGATION INTO INTERFERENCE IN CROWN CORPORATIONS Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has been trying to update its systems to make it possible for Manitobans to update their driver’s licenses and insurance online, when according to reports, the Pallister Government intervened costing rate payers an extra $23 million over 5 years. Pallister intervened again, doing an end run around MPI’s board, saying that MPI had to keep paying $83-million a year in commissions to insurance brokers — whether work was done or not. The NDP created a “minimum compensation” deal in 2012.  At a time when he is cutting and freezing everything else, the Premier is forcing MPI to raise rates to give free money to an industry he’s connected to. We have to stop treating political interference in Crowns as 'business as usual' in Manitoba. The Pallister government has faced board crises in the three biggest Manitoba Crowns: Hydro, MLLC, and now MPI. A public inquiry would provide concrete examples of where interference had gone wrong and provide recommendations on how to keep Crown Corporations clear from political interference. Manitoba Liberals will introduce legislation in their first term to create a transparent, consistent, merit-based appointment process for Crown boards through an arms-length nominating committee, under a re-established Crown Corporations Council.  The civilian council will act on recommendations from an Inquiry that will further prevent political interference in crown decision-making, based off best practices in other jurisdictions.  Manitoba Liberals are offering a new way forward on Crowns so they are run for the benefit of all Manitobans. WINNIPEG SUN: Liberals call for public inquiry into political interference with Crowns WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Liberals seek inquiry into Crown corporation meddling


This week, I had a great meeting with Disability Matters Vote.  Hundreds of thousands of Manitobans live with disabilities.  The workers who care for them are underpaid and undertrained, and too many people with disabilities end up on welfare, which in Manitoba is designed to punish people for being poor.  We were the first ever party to raise these issues in the Manitoba Legislature, and when elected we will address them.  Equal treatment is not special treatment. It is fairness. Righting a wrong is not special treatment. It is justice Manitoba Liberals are committed to delivering change.




Nominated Candidates: St. Boniface: Dougald Lamont Tyndall Park: Cindy Lamoureux River Heights: Jon Gerrard McPhillips: John Cacayuran Burrows: Sarb Gill The Maples: Deep Brar Notre Dame: Donovan Martin Fort Richmond: Tanjit Nagra St. Vital: Jeff Anderson Fort Garry: Craig Larkins Wolseley: Shandi Strong Dawson Trail: Robert Rivard Fort Rouge: Cyndy Friesen Kildonan-River East: Kathryn Braun Union Station: Harold Davis

Monday, July 15 - Loren Braul: Borderland Friday, July 19 - Kim Longstreet: Brandon-East


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