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Week in Review - Oct 12 2018

I am very proud of what our Caucus accomplished this week at the legislature.

We raised several important issues including Manitoba’s meth crisis, this government’s lack of action to address poverty, and conflict of interest rules.

On Tuesday, we dedicated our Opposition Day Motion to Manitoba’s meth crisis. We called on the government to declare a Public Health Emergency. Our caucus also raised the issue during question period. 

I spoke with the Winnipeg Sun and CBC about the meth crisis.

We switched gears on Wednesday by calling out Pallister’s Cabinet for ignoring conflict of interest rules which require them to hold off voting on bills that could benefit businesses that they own. 

Last Thursday, October 4th, the PC caucus voted unanimously to pass Bill 12 - the “Red Tape Reduction Act” - which includes a section that reduces tenants’ ability to appeal rent increases. 

Three of Pallister’s Ministers who declared rental properties on their conflict of interest declarations voted for the bill: Education Minister and PC House Leader Kelvin Goertzen of Steinbach; Children and Families Minister Heather Stefanson of Tuxedo, and Municipal Relations Minister Jeff Wharton of Gimli.

On Thursday, hundreds of Manitobans rallied on the steps of the legislature calling out the Pallister government for its lack of action to address poverty.

I echoed their concerns inside the chamber. Manitoba needs a plan to End Poverty now.

Outside of the chamber, the Pallister Government launched a campaign to warn Manitoba youth about the dangers of cannabis. 

The PC Government says they won’t make any money (and aren’t charging taxes) from legalized cannabis. Check out the image below for a breakdown of how much money the province will collect from cannabis sales.

Next week is break week at the legislature. It gives me the opportunity to spend time meeting with constituents at my constituency office in St. Boniface located at 118 Marion Street.

If you have any questions or an issue that you would like me to address in the legislature, or if you would like me to attend a community event, please contact me at

And that’s a wrap on the week that was … Enjoy your weekend

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