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Victory in Saint-Boniface

After thousands of phone calls, doors knocked and votes cast, your hard work has paid off and Saint-Boniface has returned back into the Liberal fold. With all 49 polls reporting, our leader was elected by a margin of almost 900 votes over the NDP candidate, proving that we are re-energized and ready to win. In fact, the Manitoba Liberal Party has achieved more than gaining a single seat:

The victory vaults the Liberals to official party status in the legislature, with additional taxpayer funding and extra powers, such as the ability to ask more questions in the house.

— Winnipeg Free Press

The Manitoba Liberal Party thanks all of our loyal supporters for making this possible. This reflects the appeal of new leadership and an option for change, but also how your devotion and voice can make a difference right where you live. 

Dougald will be a great servant for the people of Saint-Boniface, and our party can now shift our attention and our expanded organizational infrastructure to building up our grassroots for the 2020 election. Now is the time to :

  1. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about coming updates

  2. Contact us to Join your local constituency association to vote on candidates

  3. If you haven't already, help make democracy work by chipping in $10/month or more

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