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Summer Update

I trust that your summer is going well. Having our Leader elected in St. Boniface has been an absolute highlight. Many of you contributed a lot of heat drenched hours and steps to that success.

This is to update you on our Committee's progress.

There is a conflict with the date for our planned "Families" Incubator (September 22) and it will be rescheduled.

Our next MLP Policy Committee meeting be held on either September 10 or 13, at 6:00 pm at Molgat Place. Please let me know which works best for you and of any potential conflicts.

Also for your information, I chatted briefly last night with Party President Harbans Brar who passed on his suggestions for our Committee after meeting with Leader Dugald Lamont. He proposed that we should limit our policy development efforts to 5 areas leading up to the 2020 provincial election (including the environment, health, education) and bring in expertise for assistance.

What the committee has been working on:

* Completing a discussion paper on the establishment of a "Development Bank" for Manitoba;

* Ensuring that policy proposals are considered by relevant committees:

* Reviewing policy bank to ensure it is representative of current party positions;

* Looking forward to working with our Leader and caucus staff;

* Anticipating supporting our strengthened caucus in addressing issues of the day;

* Planning to meet as a committee once a mutually acceptable date can be established.

Respectfully, Lloyd Talbot, Chair

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