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MMIWG Report, LifeFlight Program, D-Day Ceremony

Last week, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls released its final report. Here in Manitoba, we've been hearing many of those calls for justice for decades. This is our collective history and it is imperative that the voices of the inquiry are not treated like so many other reports that were tossed aside or left on a shelf to gather dust. In the Manitoba Legislature, I called on the Pallister Government to immediately organize a committee to review and implement the recommendations of the MMIWG report.


LIFEFLIGHT PROGRAM The Pallister Government recently announced the provincial LifeFlight program will continue without its two Citation jets.  This was widely predicted and risks being a serious downgrade in service.  The Pallister Government has been reckless in handling emergency services and their argument “everyone is doing it” says nothing about whether it is effective, or even works. If these jets are being replaced by private turboprops, this is a serious downgrade in service. These private aircrafts cannot land in over two dozen northern communities and take hours longer.  The PCs have bungled this file. Pilots started to bail after the PCs threatened to privatize as it destabilizes the service. WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Manitoba to privatize Lifeflight air ambulance CBC MANITOBA: Private carriers to replace Manitoba's Lifeflight planes


Last Wednesday was World Environment Day. Earlier this month, the Manitoba Liberals released a comprehensive plan on Climate Change. The Manitoba Liberal Plan for Green Growth and Renewal would make Manitoba carbon neutral by 2030.

The plan does so in five steps. Manitoba Liberals will: 

-Take back control of Manitoba climate policy by negotiating a new deal with the federal government

-Make Manitoba a leader in green energy and consumer-ready carbon neutral fuels -Reverse pollution with new forests, wilderness, wildlife habitat, and agricultural practices -Help Manitobans “Go Electric” through transportation -Make it easier for Manitobans to implement green practices every day





Thursday, June 6th, marked the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. You may have heard that Brian Pallister was in France where he was suppose to represent Manitoba at D- Day ceremonies. But instead of attending the biggest event at Juno Beach, Pallister ditched the ceremony to meet with representatives of the French agribusiness giant, Roquette. Pallister's decision to not attend the ceremony is absolutely disgraceful. This is a total lack of respect that Pallister showed D-Day veterans who were present for the 75th anniversary. WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Pallister goes AWOL on momentous D-Day milestone for remaining veterans WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: No excuse for Pallister's absence from D-Day ceremony

D-Day Ceremonies were also held here at home. On Saturday, I attended the D-Day memorial ceremony at Vimy Ridge Memorial Park.


IN THE COMMUNITY I had a great time at the Filipino Street Festival on Saturday.

With young Manitoba Liberals, Shandi Strong at River Heights MLA, Jon Gerrard's tent at the Academy Street Fair. A man in a truck drove by and shouted at us “Good luck! Get rid of Pallister!” Best thing anyone has ever shouted at me from a truck. We are ready to make Pallister a one-term Premier.



Manitoba Liberals are looking for people who want to stand up to make Manitoba a better place. We are building a new Manitoba Liberal Party from the ground up, so that Manitobans can have a genuine progressive option they can feel good voting for in the next election. ​We want to create good jobs. We want to make sure we have good health care, education and infrastructure for everyone. We want to leave a better province and planet to our children. ​We want to govern fairly and put the public interest first. If you want to serve your community and your province, and you believe that you have what it takes - please join us. Let us know why you want to run as a Liberal MLA.  ​Visit our Become a Candidate page on the Manitoba Liberal Party website for more information.


If you believe in what we are doing, please SHARE it. Forward this e-mail, like and share our pages and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  All the best,  Dougald Lamont  MLA St. Boniface, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party

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