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Manitoba Liberals Nominate Harold Davis for Union Station

WINNIPEG – On Tuesday evening, Manitoba Liberals nominated Harold Davis as the

candidate for Union Station in the upcoming provincial election. Davis is concerned

about the legacy we are leaving behind for the younger generation.

"The modern service economy does not generate the same career opportunities

enjoyed by older generations. On top of that, young Manitobans face their daily

challenges against a backdrop of rapid technological change and climate crisis" said

Davis. "Unlike the clashing ideologies offered by other parties, Manitoba needs a

positive and constructive approach. I am proud to be on the Manitoba Liberal team, one

in which our vision is based on hope and concrete action plans for climate, education,

health care and a growing economy."

After a career that spanned forty-five years in capital markets, trading and

commodities, including executive positions at some of Winnipeg’s finest firms, Davis is

committed to strengthening the relationship between business and the downtown

community to ensure that good jobs are available to all Manitobans.

As a long-time resident of Union Station, Davis serves his community as a restorer and

active volunteer at the Winnipeg Railway Museum.

"Harold brings years of experience, expertise, and dedication to the community in Union

Station and is a great addition to the Manitoba Liberal Team," said Dougald Lamont,

Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party.

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Candidate List:

St. Boniface: Dougald Lamont

Tyndall Park: Cindy Lamoureux

River Heights: Jon Gerrard

McPhillips: John Cacayuran

Burrows: Sarb Gill

The Maples: Deep Brar

Notre Dame: Donovan Martin

Fort Richmond: Tanjit Nagra

St. Vital: Jeff Anderson

Fort Garry: Craig Larkins

Wolseley: Shandi Strong

Dawson Trail: Robert Rivard

Fort Rouge: Cyndy Friesen

Kildonan-River East: Kathryn Braun

Union Station: Harold Davis

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