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Manitoba Liberals to double resources after decisive victory

First - thank you. Thank you to everyone who worked, donated or sent positive thoughts to us in our campaign for St. Boniface.

A year ago, when I was running for leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party, we set an ambitious goal: to change politics in Manitoba so we can change government in 2020.

On July 17, we proved change for the better is possible: we won St. Boniface, where 42% voted Liberal - electing a new Leader for the legislature. The NDP were distant second. The PCs placed fourth, behind the Greens.

The CBC reported that this was “a huge win for the Liberals and an unmitigated disaster for the NDP.” NDP insiders told the Winnipeg Free Press this means “there are no safe seats anymore for the NDP.” And the results in St. Boniface show the PCs are vulnerable as well.

For the first time in 23 years, the Manitoba Liberal Party has official party status. For the Manitoba Liberals and for the province, this means new leadership and new opposition to the Pallister government’s destructive agenda.

We have shown we can change politics in Manitoba. We ran a clean, positive campaign based on ideas, and won.

Party status is just the first step. We knew we could win St. Boniface. The next step is aiming for government in 2020.

I have had dozens of people - many of them long-time PC supporters - say that Brian Pallister is a one-term premier.

We have two years to keep building to prove to Manitobans that the only way to get rid of the Pallister Conservatives in 2020 is to vote Manitoba Liberal - to elect leaders who are committed to governing for everyone, not just a few.

We have the know-how. We will be recruiting candidates, running training sessions - and you can commit today to victory in 2020 by joining our Builder's Club.

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