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Health Care Chaos, Media Blackout, Pallister Disrespects Veterans

Brian Pallister’s media “blackout” went into effect this week, setting Manitobans up for an election that we shouldn’t be having. It will be interesting to see what exceptions the PCs come up with to promote themselves during the blackout. Before the blackout came into effect, the Pallister Government made sure to make a bunch of announcements to cover their bases. Pallister has clearly shown he doesn’t care about fair elections by ignoring the fixed election date law and he’s willing to undermine democracy to rig things in his favour.  WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Blackout sets stage for Manitoba election call One of the biggest problems with the flurry of announcements the PCs made in the two days before the blackout is that there was no real plan to bring it all together. I have trouble believing that many of these promises will even see the light of day with a PC government.  They have made many promises on healthcare that they haven’t kept. This week they announced a dedicated stroke unit which is supposedly going to be housed at Health Sciences Centre. Manitoba Liberals have been calling for a dedicated stroke unit for a long time - we are the only province that doesn’t have one.  What doesn’t make any sense about the stroke unit announcement is that it won’t be at St Boniface Hospital, the hospital is in charge of cardiac care. It would make more sense to build on the capacity at St. B to consolidate cardiac care.  CTV WINNIPEG: Dedicated Stroke Unit in the works at HSC The PC plan for healthcare was supposed to consolidate services which is why I don’t believe they are serious about fulfilling their promises. It’s clear that this was scraped together in a big hurry without much foresight, pretty much describing the Pallister Government’s approach to governing.


HEALTH CARE CHAOS The PCs have taken a blunt knife to gutting Manitoba’s health care system. This is a failed plan driven by incompetence, haste and recklessness. CTV WINNIPEG - WATCH: Further Chaos in Healthcare CBC MANITOBA: Influx of patients temporarily forced St. Boniface Hospital to send some patients away CBC MANITOBA: 'Confidence is lost': Report on health-care overhaul finds major problems


PALLISTER DISRESPECTS VETERANS The total lack of respect Pallister showed D-Day veterans present for the 75th anniversary during his 12 day trip to France is absolutely disgraceful. Pallister should have been present to honour and remember those who bravely fought for the freedoms we enjoy today, including free and fair elections. Brian Pallister prioritized a business meeting, saying he gave up his seat at the D-Day ceremony to a PC MLA, when in fact Pallister could and should have had a seat alongside his colleague, which he didn’t ever request to happen. WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Pallister plays with political fire by snubbing Canadian veterans


MANITOBA LIBERAL PLAN FOR GREEN GROWTH & RENEWAL The Manitoba NDP dropped a bill on the last day of session. It proposes to make Manitoba carbon neutral by 2050, 20 years after the Manitoba Liberal plan reaches the same goal. The NDP press release has no actual plans, no details, no policy, no programs, no funding and no enforcement. It is a non-plan on one of the most important issues facing the planet.

Manitoba Liberals released our plan for Green Growth & Renewal in May. It has five major priorities - Manitoba Liberals will: -Take back control of Manitoba climate policy by negotiating a new deal with the federal government -Make Manitoba a leader in green energy and consumer-ready carbon neutral fuels -Reverse pollution with new forests, wilderness, wildlife habitat, and agricultural practices -Help Manitobans “Go Electric” through transportation -Make it easier for Manitobans to implement green practices every day



River Heights MLA, Jon Gerrard and I had a great meeting with Lorna Turnbull and Evelyn Forget of Basic Income Manitoba. Eva Forget quite literally wrote the book on the Mincome experiment that occurred in Dauphin, Manitoba in the 1970s. It was funded by the Federal Liberal and Manitoba NDP government of the day. School attendance improved for young people, moms found it easier to care for their kids. People still went to work, but they were less stressed and there were less mental health visits



I attended the Mayor’s luncheon for the Arts and the Winnipeg Arts council awards. Here I am with Winnipeg’s poet laureate, Di Brandt. She read a wonderful poem. I was the only MLA in attendance! Manitoba Liberals are proud to support the arts. As one person mentioned to me, more people work in culture in Manitoba than in agriculture!




BECOME A CANDIDATE Manitoba Liberals are looking for people who want to stand up to make Manitoba a better place. We are building a new Manitoba Liberal Party from the ground up, so that Manitobans can have a genuine progressive option they can feel good voting for in the next election. ​We want to create good jobs. We want to make sure we have good health care, education and infrastructure for everyone. We want to leave a better province and planet to our children. ​We want to govern fairly and put the public interest first. If you want to serve your community and your province, and you believe that you have what it takes - please join us. Let us know why you want to run as a Liberal MLA.  ​Visit our Become a Candidate page on the Manitoba Liberal Party website for more information.


If you believe in what we are doing, please SHARE it. Forward this e-mail, like and share our pages and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  All the best,  Dougald Lamont  MLA St. Boniface, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party

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