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Climate Crisis, St. Boniface Lead Levels

Climate change has been talked about for over a century but not enough has been done. The time to take bold steps to address the current climate crisis is now. Last Thursday, I introduced a resolution in the Legislature calling on the Pallister Government to declare a climate crisis in Manitoba. The resolution calls for the Manitoba Government to commit to meeting emission reduction targets under the Paris Accord Agreement. This would follow in the footsteps of other democracies such as the United Kingdom who declared a climate crisis earlier this year. One of the most important myths about dealing effectively with climate change is that it will hurt the economy.  Manitobans all know that droughts, floods, fires, insects and crop diseases aren’t good for business and they all get worse with climate change. A healthy economy depends on a healthy environment. The call for a climate crisis resolution follows on another environmental bill, introduced last week by Manitoba Liberals, which would ban the use of single use plastics in Manitoba.  We need to recognize the situation is serious, stop paying lip service, and take bold action. Manitoba has an opportunity to be bold and lead on climate change while growing our economy. I am proud of the plan Manitoba Liberals put forward as a response to the climate crisis. Our plan will make Manitoba carbon neutral by 2030. Click here to read the Manitoba Liberal Plan for Green Growth & Renewal.




ST. BONIFACE LEAD LEVELS It is unacceptable, that for nearly two years, the Pallister Government withheld the results of lead in soil from St. Boniface residents. It is not good enough nor comforting for the residents when the PCs simply blame the NDP for having a worse track record of sitting on soil sample results.  The government’s mishandling of the file is dangerous and plays with the health of people. I attempted to get answers from the Sustainable Development Minister in the House last week on clean-up efforts, to no avail. Click here to watch the full video. CBC MANITOBA: New test results show lead contamination in St. Boniface gardens up to 10 times recommended level


SAVE 7 OAKS Today, north east Winnipeg is losing access to proper healthcare with the sudden closure of the Concordia ER. I rallied last week in solidarity with healthcare providers and community members to save the Seven Oaks ER & ICU Unit.



Manitoba Liberals were proud to take part in the Pride Winnipeg rally and parade.



With session wrapping up, we are getting ready to put the best team together to ensure Pallister is a one-term Premier.

So far, we have nominated the following MLP candidates: Dougald Lamont: St. Boniface

Cindy Lamoureux: Tyndall Park

Jon Gerrard: River Heights

John Cacayuran: McPhillips

Sarb Gill: Burrows

Deep Brar: The Maples There are more nominations to come so stay tuned! If you know of anyone or are interested in running yourself, visit our Become a Candidate page on our website.


Fundraising for the Manitoba Liberals is at an all-time high! Let's keep the momentum going! Please donate today! If you believe in what we are doing, please SHARE it. Forward this e-mail, like and share our pages and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  All the best,  Dougald Lamont  MLA St. Boniface, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party

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