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Changes in provincial leaderships

Our political landscape is undergoing many changes.


With the recent announcements that former Premier Heather Stefanson will be stepping down as party leader here in Manitoba, followed by Rachel Notley stepping down as official opposition leader in Alberta, it will be interesting to see the changes in leadership and direction.


In Ontario Bonnie Crombie has been elected as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party while servicing as Mayor of Mississauga.  Expectations are high because of her abilities and experience and I am excited to see what she will accomplish.


Here in Manitoba as Interim Leader of the Manitoba Liberals, my focus is on growth.  Building and preparing our party for the next general election and any by-elections that will happen in between. With the support of my deputy leader, Willard Reaves, our ERC team, our Board and Management committees as well as many past candidates, we have begun making changes to be prepared with a full slate of top notch candidates well in advance.


Our own leadership contest will be held sometime between now and April 2025 and the work we are doing now will ensure that whomever our new leader is, they will have the necessary tools and supports in place to keep moving forward and not have to start from scratch.


As Manitoba Liberals we are focusing on outreach.  Connecting and reconnecting with people all around the province. 

Willard and I look forward to meeting with as many people as we can in the coming months to learn more about what we can do to make Manitoba better. 

~ Cindy Lamoureux, Manitoba Liberal Party Leader

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