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Wood Monias

as your MLA for

Real change
for Manitoba


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Real Change for


Nellie Monias (née Wood) is Ansininew of St. Theresa Point First Nation of the Island Lake region of Manitoba. She is the 7th of 8 children of her late parents, and she and her husband of 24 years have 4 children of their own, with one being her niece raised customarily.

Nellie grew up in St. Theresa Point First Nation until she attended Indian Day School but has remained connected to her family and community.



This includes returning to her Nation as an education counsellor and administrative support worker, and then in Winnipeg assisting with community events and forest fire evacuees.


While Nellie’s initial career goal was to pursue nursing, having to care for her ailing mother in 2006 changed this. Rather, she has carved a new path in advocacy, support and working
with others as a strong voice for her people and community.

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