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What is the Manitoba Young Liberals?

The Manitoba Young Liberals (MYL) is the Grassroots Youth collective of the Manitoba Liberal Party. We have been leaders in the pursuit of Real, Substantive and Progressive Change for all Manitobans; The MYL has a proud history of curating change both within the Manitoba Liberal Party and in Manitoban politics as a whole. In the past, we have advocated for several policies including Proportional Representation, a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income and Ensuring Free and Easy access to Menstrual Products for all Manitobans.

Who are the Manitoba Young Liberals?

The Manitoba Young Liberal membership is governed by our Executive Board which is elected every Annual General Meeting (AGM). Our board is composed of a diverse team of politically minded youth from all across the province. We welcome all Manitobans aged 14-26 who are looking to enact real, positive change within our province. 

Meet the Board:

Message from the Board:

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