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The Manitoba Young Liberals are the rebellion wing of the Manitoba Liberal Party, representing all party members under 26 years old. 


Our mission is to inspire young Manitobans to become involved in the democratic process and work as agents of change to strengthen our province.


By providing a strong, progressive voice for political issues, we are a catalyst for bringing an innovative perspective to the political landscape of Manitoba and are essential for building and strengthening political connections between the Manitoba Liberal Party and community members.

We always welcome new members!

Why join?

  • Access scholarships, internships, volunteer and employment opportunities

  • Promote democracy and liberalism

  • Advocate for the election of Manitoba Liberal Party candidates

  • Get involved in the policy-making process of the Manitoba Liberal Party

  • Networking, leadership and skills development opportunities 

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Join the fight for health care for all Manitobans. 

Health care is a human right.

Tell the world what's on your mind.