The Future Belongs to You

The Manitoba Young Liberals (MYL) are the youth wing of the Manitoba Liberal Party. Members of the MYL are 14 to 25 years of age and together we develop new policies, participate in events, campaigns and collaborate with other young leaders in Manitoba to advocate for new ideas and to take action to improve the lives of all Manitobans.

We are the party of smart policies and an important voice in the future of Manitoba, and the future will belong to the youth of today, so the Manitoba Young Liberals should be motivated and enthused to take an active role in the next chapter of Manitoba.


We're Thinking Ahead

"The Manitoba Young Liberals are the youth wing of the Manitoba Liberals, and committed to influencing policy and advocating for a better future for Manitoba. 

Our growth as a party depends on our ability to inspire young people to participate, act, and lead.


By joining the Manitoba Young Liberals, you will play an important role by helping to shape the future of our province for the next generation of Manitobans!

Hannah Mihychuk-Marshall 

President, Manitoba Young Liberals

Over the years, the Manitoba Young Liberals have made great strides in moving Manitoba forward.


At the 2021 AGM, the Manitoba Young Liberals passed several new policy resolutions, including:
1. Ensuring that Manitoba covers 100% of the cost of all contraceptives; and,
2. Ensuring that menstrual products are FREE and ACCESSIBLE across the province for all Manitobans!

These progressive intersectional feminist policies acknowledge that contraceptives and menstrual products should be free and accessible to every single person who needs them, regardless of income, gender identity, location, or any other factor.


Women, men, trans, non-binary, intersex, and gender diverse people should all have equal and unencumbered access to these essential items and services to make Manitoba a more fair and equitable province.

Why should you get involved with the Manitoba Young Liberals?

  • Work to improve the lives of Manitobans

  • Make new friends!

  • Be a part of shaping the future of the Manitoba Liberal Party

  • Develop valuable leadership skills

  • Write policies

  • Meet influential and inspiring people

  • Gain public speaking experience

  • Get youth interested in politics and encourage voting

  • Have fun!

  • See how political parties work behind the scenes

  • Open countless doors for yourself and for the people you will help

  • New MYL Members qualify for a 50% discount on membership fees - only $5 annually!


Contact us below with any questions or if you want to get involved!

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