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as your MLA for
Spruce Woods

Real change
for Manitoba

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Michelle and Chris Budiwski and family.

Real Change
for Spruce Woods

Michelle Budiwski's upbringing in Northern Manitoba was marked by poverty, addiction, and abuse. She sought help and managed to overcome these challenges and now uses her experience to help others find the help they need to overcome theirs.


Michelle is a strong advocate for mental health support, addiction awareness, treatment, and suicide prevention. She has volunteered extensively throughout the area, raising awareness and support for underrepresented groups, organizations, and causes. Such supports are why Michelle moved to Rivers, MB in 2005.   Pregnant with her second child at the time, relocation to the area was necessary to seek treatment for her husband's Complex PTSD diagnosis resulting from his prior military service. Tragically, her husband died by suicide in 2008, leaving Michelle alone to raise their two children, aged 14 and 2.

While her past experiences give her first hand appreciation of many social challenges in the area, it’s her past work and business experiences that provides the grounding to understand that social services are built upon the contributions of a successful business sector.  Michelle's entrepreneurial spirit has led her to establish a number of small businesses over the past 25 years, both in northern Manitoban and in the Westman,  such as the highly successful Escape the Final Countdown in Brandon and Muck-Off, a rural residential cleaning company based in Rivers.


She also started her multi-media platform, Real Westman, where Michelle amplified the local voices of those in need and worked tirelessly to create awareness towards more inclusivity and diversity in Westman while also showcasing all the great locations, businesses and events our region has to offer.

Michelle volunteers as a business mentor with Futurepreneurship Canada. She advocates for rural economic development, recognizing its significance in fostering strong and vibrant regions within the province.


Michelle has earned a post-graduate certificate in Adult Education from Red River College and is currently working to complete her MBA, focusing on Human Resource Management.

Michelle believes the role of the province is to create the environment that will support families, healthcare, and education at all levels while also fostering business and entrepreneurship to drive the economy forward and generate wealth for all.  She prioritizes the protection and well-being of the most vulnerable members of society, including elders, seniors, and marginalized people while championing equality, inclusion, and diversity.


When elected as the representative for her riding of Spruce Woods, Michelle aims to help the rural communities and people have a voice in government so that their postal codes no longer dictate their opportunities—fighting for a government that values and uplifts every individual, regardless of background or location. 

Recognizing that the past provincial political pendulum continues to swing back and forth with little benefit for Spruce Woods, Michelle has the tenacity and fortitude to anchor this riding and give it a voice inside the perimeter. Her personal experiences, entrepreneurial acumen, and tireless dedication and resolve for community is a track record that Michelle is committed to bringing positive and real change for the people of Spruce Woods. 

Michelle is married to Chris Budiwski, a second-generation Canadian whose grandfather immigrated from Ukraine and settled in the Olha, Manitoba area, working in the field of Agriculture as Chris still does. Together they had two more children, now aged 9 and 11. As a mother of four, raising a family across decades of changes and challenges, Michelle understands the trials and aspirations of families in her community. Michelle Budiwski is seeking the support of residents in Spruce Woods as a candidate of real change, running under the banner of the Manitoba Liberal Party. 

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Michelle and MLP Leader Dougald Lamont.

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