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LéAmber Kensley

LéAmber Kensley

as your MLA for

Real change
for Manitoba

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Shandi Strong, LeAmber Kensley, Dougald Lamont & Rhonda Nichol

Real Change
for Riel

LéAmber R. Kensley is a Métis woman, born in Manitoba to a military family with deep roots in the community. She moved to Riel as a child, attending school and finding her first employment in the neighborhood.


While she has lived in other areas of the city briefly, she has always returned to Riel, finding it a safe and nurturing place to raise her four children. LéAmber has a large chosen family to complement her biological family. Ms. Kensley completed her Advanced Bachelor’s degree at the University of Manitoba.


She went from there into addictions counselling, spending fifteen years in the field as a care worker, assessment worker, and counsellor. In that time, she has worked with the Salvation Army, Behavioural Health Foundation, and Aurora Recovery Centre. She also worked for the Department of Families as an Employment and Income Assistance Counsellor.


As a person who has benefited from social services in the past, it is her desire to give back while recognizing the need to affect change on a systemic level. She has seen how the program has become stale, remaining largely unchanged over the last decade, and not keeping up with the needs of Manitobans.

Ms. Kensley is currently a Rehabilitation Counsellor with Spinal Cord Injury Manitoba (SCI-MB). While working there, she completed a Certificate of Rehabilitation Counselling from the University of Southern Maryland Eastern Shores, and plans to complete her Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counselling.


As a longtime member of the workforce, Ms. Kensley believes in strong voices and supports effective collective action. She has been a longtime union member, having previously served as a Steward and Treasurer for CUPE, and a Steward for MGEU.

LéAmber has been a volunteer and organizer in various community groups for many years. Her volunteer activities have included the Institute for International Women's Rights, Scouting, Winnipeg Folk Festival, and various organizations related to speculative fiction. She is currently her workplace chair for the United Way Fundraising Campaign.

As a front-line worker, Ms. Kensley is very familiar with the challenges modern society presents, and how instrumental social services are to Manitobans experiencing those challenges. While she has been able to affect individual changes for people as a front-line worker, she believes that she can drive greater change, with a broader reach, by working from the Legislature to change the systems and policies that affect all Manitobans.

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