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Jean Luc

as your MLA for

Real change
for Manitoba


Real Change
for Radisson

Jean Luc Bouché was born and raised in Belgium, speaking both French and English, and immigrated to Canada in 1966. He and his wife Michelle and have been married for 33 years and have been blessed with two daughters and a grand child.

Working as a locomotive engineer for CNR for 32 years, Jean Luc was a Teamster Canada Rail Conference union representative for many years and a member of the health and safety committee. Jean Luc retired in 2016 when he and Michelle then moved from Brandon to Winnipeg and the Radisson constituency.

An active member of the Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, and other nonprofit organizations, Jean Luc has been a generous donor, fundraiser, and sponsor to numerous good causes in the community in need of support and is always ready to help people.

Involved in politics for 20 plus years, he has worked on numerous federal and provincial campaigns and elections and, as a member of the Brandon and District Labour Council, worked hard to make the area a better place for working people.

As your Manitoba Liberal MLA for Radisson, Jean Luc will work hard to:

Fix Health Care

Manitoba Liberals vigorously support specific improvements in primary care and better working conditions for those in health care to reduce burnout, as well as making strenuous efforts to improve preventative care. To address today’s urgent staffing shortages in the system, Manitoba Liberals would immediately introduce recruitment and retention bonuses to attract health care professionals and workers.


Improve Seniors Care and Long-term Care

Manitoba Liberals were the first to call for a Seniors Advocate in Manitoba and are pushing for adequate funding and staffing for long term care homes and for nutritious food and safe conditions for seniors, along with improving home care and having smaller, more community based and homelike facilities for seniors.

Improve Mental Health Care

& Addictions Treatment

To improve mental health care, Manitoba Liberals continue to advocate for putting psychological therapies under Medicare so the cost is covered by Manitoba Health. To fight addiction, we’d provide quick access to addictions treatment with a seamless transition to supportive housing to substantially reduce relapses.


Address Crime

The MLP will provide leadership in working with Manitobans to reduce violence and make our homes and streets safer.


Improve Education

Manitoba Liberals continue to advocate for improvements in post-secondary education and our primary and secondary education system for all children and youth, especially for those with learning and behavioural disabilities, many of whom struggle in school and have low graduation rates.


Strengthen our Economy

Manitoba Liberals will work in better partnership with the federal government to break from the PC’s fiscally irresponsible habit of leaving millions of federal dollars on the table unused. We will give small businesses better access to capital through a Manitoba Business Development Bank, along with access to investments to support research and innovation.


Foster Reconciliation

Manitoba Liberals support full implementation of all of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action, and the full return of funds wrongly taken by past NDP and PC Manitoba governments from Indigenous children in care to the people it rightfully belongs to.


Protect the Environment and

Grow a Green Economy

We need work with landowners to provide stewardship for wildlife and ecological corridors, and to work collaboratively with Manitobans to make sure that our groundwaters aren’t made subject to pollution. We urgently need to clean up our lakes, embrace renewable energy and adapt to climate change. Of all Manitoba political parties, the MLP has the best plan for protecting the environment and making Manitoba a world leader in growing a green economy.

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