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Who am I?


I was raised in Stonewall, Manitoba, by hard working blue-collar parents, who instilled in my brother, sister, and me the values of hard work, sacrifice, and community support. These values led my husband, Kevin, and I to make our home in Tuxedo, and they are the reason I am running to be the next MLA in this constituency.


I earned my Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Winnipeg and my Master's in Social Work from the University of Manitoba. Tuxedo is where my roots are, and where I serve on the Parent Advisory Council. My husband and I also founded "Peace for All of Us," a non-profit organization that provides safe and affordable housing for children leaving foster care and families fleeing violence and abuse.


Advocating for the people of Tuxedo is my passion, and if elected as your next MLA, I will continue to represent you with the same dedication I have shown to our community every day.


Why am I running as a Manitoba Liberal Candidate?


In my advocacy work for children and youth in Manitoba, I have worked happily alongside the Manitoba Liberal Party. As I championed access to health care, educational support, and programs for community safety, it was the Manitoba Liberal Party party that worked the hardest to address these major issues because they mattered, and not because they served any partisan agenda. When I brought forward concerns about apprehended children, it was Cindy Lamoureux who I worked most closely with to advocate for our youth. The Manitoba Liberal Party stands for my values, and that is why I stand with them to ensure that my voice as a representative only grows louder and stronger for our community.



  • Holding the current government accountable in addressing systemic gaps that cripple access to acute healthcare and mental health services.


  • Reducing the burden of affordability on families by expanding $10 a day childcare spaces, allowing more women to rejoin the workforce, and growing the economy.


  • Urging the NDP government to act on their promise of creating an independent Office of Senior’s Advocate to effectively address the needs of older adults and amplify their voices, creating meaningful change.


  • Working to make our communities and our streets safer by building safe places for our children and youth to work and play together, building positive relationships.


  • Fighting to restore funding to Child and Family Services cut by NDP and Conservative governments, giving our youth the support they need to get their education and contribute to the economy.


  • Advocating for children to be screened for learning disabilities to promote early intervention supports.


I find Jamie to be a determined, focused,  contributing citizen of Manitoba. Her ideals are in line with mine on the topics of care for children, mental health well-being, and human rights. Given the chance, she will professionally present important issues while holding the current governing party to their word. Jamie draws on lived experience and is open-minded on other issues. She is easy to talk to and truly listens, assets that are important to all politicians.

- Bonnie Bricker

Director of Family Navigation, Mood Disorder Association of Manitoba


Jamie Pfau is a remarkable woman. She and her husband Kevin have been foster parents for over 10 years. Realizing the major problems occurring when children age out of care and become homeless, she and Kevin started a non-profit, “PEACE FOR ALL OF US” to provide housing with supports for children aging out of care. In order to pay for this, she and Kevin started a small business with all the profits going to support children aging out of care and/or victims of domestic violence. She sees a problem and implements a solution. I strongly support Jamie because she will get things done for people in Tuxedo and for Manitoba.


- Dr. Jon Gerrard


Having spent many years in our public education system working with families and children facing challenges related to poverty, racism, and trauma, I can confidently identify a champion for children when I see one. Jamie Pfau is champion for those who need a voice.

As a former public servant within the Department of Education, President of the Manitoba Foster Parents Association, and the founder of a non-profit focused on sheltering vulnerable people, Jamie has spent her career fighting for people. I am certain she will continue that strong track record of service as your MLA For Tuxedo. I am pleased to support her candidacy for a seat in the Manitoba Legislature.


- Ben Carr


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