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as your MLA for
Union Station

Real change
for Manitoba


Real Change for Union Station

My name is Iqra Tariq and I am a dedicated Winnipegger with a legacy of service in Union Station, where my father served as a Pharmacist for nearly three decades, and I travelled my own ten-year journey in various healthcare roles. My commitment to this community is unwavering.

I have passionately served thousands of students and people of all ages, crafting resources, building community connections, developing activities, and fostering cross-cultural understanding and unity for local and international students during challenging times.

I will advocate to:


  • Take our system from health crisis back to health care;

  • Cover the costs of regulated therapy under Medicare & fund a 24/7 referral line for addictions treatment;

  • Provide genuine relief for the cost of living for you and your loved ones;


  • Deliver safer streets through investments in prevention and make ending homelessness a priority;

  • Fund safe spaces, recreation centres, and anti-gang intervention programs that have culturally appropriate supports.



My aspiration is to lead inclusively and represent Union Station and its values faithfully. I pledge to be accountable to you, ensuring that your voices are not only heard but acted upon.


On October 3rd, let’s vote for a real plan, one that

includes YOU.


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Vote for Iqra Tariq for Union Station

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