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as your MLA for

Real change
for Manitoba

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Real Change
for Burrows

Garry Alejo was born in the Philippines and immigrated to Canada in 2014 with his family. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Accountancy with 24 years of combined experience in finance, accounting and business process improvement. He is currently working in the finance department of an airline company, where he also served as a Union Board Member.

Alejo started and organized the Northwest Bear Clan Patrol chapter, with diverse active members from the community. He is also a Board Member of organizations Caring For Our Environment Manitoba and Tyndall Park Community Centre. Additionally, he is an active community advocate in the Philippines; organizing medical and dental missions to remote areas of the country.

"I am so humbled for the opportunity to represent the constituency of Burrows with the Manitoba Liberals. This is my first time to run for a public office but serving the community has always been my passion. I would like to see positive changes in the province that will improve the lives of all Manitobans,” said Alejo. “Please join me and together let us fight for real change in Manitoba."

“Having known Garry for many years, it’s clear he has a strong passion and dedication to serving our community,” said Cindy Lamoureux, MLA for Tyndall Park. “The way he cares about keeping our community safe is inspiring and I am confident he will prove to be an excellent MLA for the constituency of Burrows.”


“You can tell your friends and your neighbours, when you vote for Garry, you are voting for a person who has already helped you, just like Cindy Lamoureux and the Manitoba Liberals have worked to helped you,” said Dougald Lamont Manitoba Liberal Leader and MLA for St. Boniface. “We all want change, and the real change we need will happen when you vote for Manitoba Liberals like Garry, making good things happen in the legislature."

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