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as your MLA for
The Maples

Real change
for Manitoba


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Real Change for The Maples

Improving people’s lives is why I am running to be YOUR MLA.  I stand with integrity, determination, and commitment to advocate and fight for ALL residents of The Maples. 


I will work in collaboration with others and be critical and constructive when the need arises to ensure your voices are heard, the priorities are met, and positive change happens. 

I lead my life with purpose and will continue to advocate for social justices along with ensuring fiscal responsibility! I believe that both are not mutually exclusive. 

 I have lived in our community for over 32 years, and I have advocated in different ways throughout my journey as a  Portuguese-Canadian. I have made a positive impact on changing people’s lives for the better.
I will not stand on the sidelines! I will always fight for the needs of the ALL residents of The Maples. Together we will make a difference. This election, vote for EDDIE CALISTO-TAVARES!  Vote for REAL Change. 
When you elect Manitoba Liberals, good things happen. Because YOU matter!

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