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Dr. Jon Gerrard

Dr. Jon Gerrard

MLA for
River Heights

Real change
for Manitoba



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“As Manitoba reaches a paramount stage in this general election, I could not be more pleased to stand behind Jon Gerrard in River Heights in this competitive race. As our province faces such critical issues in our healthcare system, I know that it is only by electing representatives as passionate and dedicated as Jon that we have a chance to face the problems that matter to us in Manitoba.


Jon has tirelessly advocated for the community and the people of River Heights since being elected to the Manitoba Legislative Assembly in 1999. He also played a pivotal role in legislating Jordan’s Principle (a child-first approach) in our healthcare system, putting the care of First Nations children ahead of jurisdictional disputes when it was not easy to do so, fighting every step of the way. For moral governance and effective legislation, I urge you to vote for Jon Gerrard in this election.”


- Dan Vandal


“I’ve been following your election campaign and want to offer my support. We served together in Mr. Chrétien’s government where you were a voice for positive action on health and environmental matters. You have brought the same commitment and compassion to your role over many years as the MLA for River Heights. At this time when politics needs people of integrity, your continued presence in the Manitoba Legislature is a plus for all of us.”


 - Lloyd Axworthy


“More than ever Manitoba needs knowledgeable voices to advocate for Manitobans who need medical care. Dr. Jon Gerrard has proven time after time to be a valuable voice in Manitoba’s legislature using his knowledge and experience to advocate for the health of all Manitobans.”


- Dr. Doug Eyolfson

Emergency Physician


“Dr. Jon Gerrard was the first politician across the country to formally introduce legislation on Jordan’s Principle advocating that the rights and needs of children come before government needs. . . I have not met a politician that more meaningfully and immediately addresses the needs of children in peril as quickly as Dr. Jon Gerrard does.”


- Trudy Lavallee

Originator of Jordan’s Principle

About Jon

Dr. Jon Gerrard is your elected Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba for the constituency of River Heights. He has held the seat for River Heights since being elected initially in 1999.

Between 1985 and 1992, Dr. Gerrard was Director of Paediatric Oncology and Hematology at the Children’s Hospital. He also taught medicine at the University of Manitoba between 1980 and 1993.

From 1993 to 1997, Dr. Gerrard was Secretary of State for the Chrétien government. He was the leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party from 1998 until 2013 and was among the first to improve funding for online advancements in the fields of health care, education, and improving the stewardship of our environment.

Dr. Gerrard has used his previous experience as a pediatrician at Winnipeg's Children's Hospital and as a Member of Parliament and federal cabinet minister to help improve the lives of people in River Heights and Manitoba.

Dr. Gerrard also outlined the strategy for developing Canada’s IT infrastructure, helping increase internet and broadband to communities across Manitoba and Canada.

Jon and his wife Naomi reside in River Heights and are active members of our vibrant community.



“I have known Jon Gerrard for almost two decades. He and his wife Naomi care deeply about helping young people get started and were instrumental in establishing annual Young Liberal Scholarships which have helped more than 30 students from all over Manitoba get access to post secondary education."


- Nora Fien

Lawyer & Constituent


"I have known Jon for many years, and he has been steadfast in his efforts as an advocate in the Manitoba legislature, where he has stood up for our seniors, our education, and our most vulnerable in healthcare. Jon has been just as committed to protecting our environment, where he has spoken up for such important initiatives as restoring and protecting the health of Lake Winnipeg and establishing ecological corridors to preserve the integrity of our ecosystems and curb habitat loss. Jon is a visionary who will stand up for what is right for his constituents, and I cannot imagine anyone better suited to represent River Heights."


- Terry Duguid

Environmental Champion


“Seniors in Manitoba have one powerful ally in the Manitoba legislature, Dr. Jon Gerrard, who has worked tirelessly to support and protect seniors.”


- Trish Rawsthorne

2023 Senior of the Year Recipient

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