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Cindy Lamoureux

Tyndall Park

Cindy Lamoureux was born and raised in Tyndall Park, growing up living on Weitzel and Egesz and attending both Garden Grove and Stanley Knowles Schools. She has work experience with the Senate of Canada, the Long-Term Care Association of Manitoba (LTCAM), and for a Federal Minister.

Throughout her working career, she supported herself through five years of post-secondary education, obtaining a Certificate in Christian Studies from Horizon College and a diploma for a double major in Political Science and Religion & Culture from the University of Winnipeg. She is currently completing her Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

She is a reliable and dedicated volunteer around the community. She also enjoys travelling, learning about new cultures, and community development.


Some of her priorities include Senior Care, Justice, and Immigration.

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Cindy Lamoureux

MLA Tyndall Park

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