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as your MLA for
The Pas-Kameesak

Real change
for Manitoba


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About Alvina

As an Indigenous Court Worker with Manitoba Justice, Alvina served five (5) courts and was an advocate and catalyst for many changes in how indigenous people were treated in the system.


Awarded the Order of Manitoba for her work in 2023, she was instrumental in establishing courts in communities such as Peguis and Fairford First Nation, and served fly-in communities across Northern Manitoba as well her Interlake Home of Lake St. Martin.

As your Manitoba Liberal MLA, Alvina will work hard to:

Rebuild Health Care. After decades of cuts and closures, the Manitoba Liberal plan will introduce a shift to a prevention model, introduce retention bonuses to attract health care professionals and workers and provide incentives for health care professionals to work in Northern and Rural areas.

Act on Reconciliation. Alvina and Manitoba Liberals will not ignore remote communities, and will work to help address clean water needs, improve local health services, provide meaningful mental health and educational supports, and strengthen support for Children in Care.

Protect the Environment and Promote Green Growth. Manitoba Liberals are committed to cleaning up and protecting our waterways and lakes, cleaning up toxic sites, and encouraging environmentally responsible resource and infrastructure development in Northern Manitoba.



To bring REAL change, Alvina humbly asks for your vote.

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