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Ali Tarar

as your MLA for
Turtle Mountain

Real change
for Manitoba


Real Change for Turtle Mountain

Ali Tarar has proudly called Turtle Mountain home for over six years, and is the owner of the largest business in Ninette, The Grocery Box and DOMO Gas. His active engagement within the community is a testament to his commitment to its well-being.


Ali is not only a respected member of the Pakistani and Muslim community in South West Manitoba but also a bridge between diverse groups through his business.


Owning a business in the riding has afforded Ali a unique perspective. It has enabled him to foster meaningful connections with local residents and gain deep insights into the challenges and issues they encounter.

A prevalent concern in Turtle Mountain is the feeling of being unheard by the provincial government, where residents' opinions often seem undervalued. In response, Ali Tarar has stepped forward as a champion for positive change in Turtle Mountain. He pledges to be continuously accessible and available to his fellow residents, ensuring that their concerns are not only acknowledged but also actively addressed.


Ali Tarar's dedication to amplifying the voices of Turtle Mountain's people reflects his unwavering commitment to a brighter future for the community.


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