The Manitoba Liberal Party believes that all Manitobans deserve a strong voice in the legislature. We are committed to implementing and supporting policies that balance fiscal responsibility and social justice.

The Manitoba Liberal Party believes in doing politics differently.

We will be accountable and our actions will be transparent for all Manitobans.

We will fight to make sure that the majority of Manitoba, our middle class, is protected, by providing Manitobans with opportunities to stay and invest and contribute to the success of Manitoba. The MLP will create new opportunities for all Manitobans.

We believe a strong and vibrant Liberal Party will help achieve the goals that all Manitobans hold: a fairer, more prosperous and more just province that can compete on a national and international stage.

For too long, Manitoba’s middle class has been pushed aside by special interests – the Manitoba Liberal Party believes a better Manitoba is possible.

Our online presence is currently in transition, please bear with us as we update and upgrade our website.


Manitoba Liberal Party
Molgat Place, 635 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB. R3C 0X1


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