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Willard Reaves

as YOUR MLA for
Fort Whyte

Real change
for Manitoba



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Dougald Lamont and Willard Reaves holding VOTE MANITOBA LIBERAL sign_
Markus Chambers and Willar Reaves with crowd of schoolchildren_

Real change
for Fort Whyte


I have lived in Fort Whyte for over 36 years, raised my family here and am proud to call this community my home.

After my career in professional sports came to an end, I started my own small business – an investigation company that employed over twenty people.

I also proudly served with the Manitoba Department of Justice for 21 years.

I have made it a priority in my life to serve this community. I have supported such causes as Siloam Mission, United Way, Manitoba Wheelchair Sport Association, The Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg, and Teen Stop Jeunesse, which is a drop-in center for at-risk youth.

I am running to be your MLA because you deserve someone you can trust.

Experienced, Honest & Successful


Our province is at a crossroads, and the choice is clear. 

The PC and NDP have lied to Manitobans, wasted taxpayers’ money and, overall, have been incompetent.

In 2023, you have a choice to vote for a party that will be honest with you, that will spend your tax dollars wisely and that will work for you.

With your support, I look forward to serving the people of Fort Whyte.

Willard Reaves door knocking in Fort Whyte.

We stand with you

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Willard and Lise Reaves_
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